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This post is the start of a new series where we’ll (re-)introduce you to a themed set of cute characters and where to buy products that feature them. For the first post, I’ve picked kawaii penguins, as they’ve been a source of inspiration for many companies.

kawaii penguins - Tuxedo Sam

Tuxedo Sam

First up is Tuxedo Sam from Sanrio. This cheerful penguin is always in a tux and has a different bow tie for each day of the year. He was released a couple of years after Hello Kitty, but is nowhere near as popular. Although I’ve got the impression that Tuxedo Sam is making a comeback!

Tuxedo Sam pouch

You can find his merchandise in shops such as Sanrio USA, Sanrio Japan and ARTBOX (UK). How about this lovely hard case? The Sanrio USA website also offers Tuxedo Sam mobile wallpapers and a cute recipe for Tuxedo Sam cookie pops.


kawaii penguins - Piplup

Piplup is a water-type Pokemon, with a strong sense of self-pride. Due to poor walking abilities it falls down quite a bit, but it’s an excellent swimmer. (source Bulbapedia)

Piplup pokemon plush

Your best bet to bring Piplup home is by visiting the online Pokémon Center. I think Piplup looks especially cute shaped as a plush.

Koupen Chan

Koupen Chan calendar

Last year we introduced Koupen Chan to you. This character is inspired by a baby emperor penguin and he might be the cutest penguin of them all. Ami Ami (Japan) carries the most Koupen Chan products, such as this cute 2021 calendar.

Sumikko Gurashi

kawaii penguins - Sumikko Gurashi

Sumikko Gurashi from San-X has got two penguin characters! Penguin? resembles a green penguin, but is unsure if it really is one. He loves to eat cucumbers. One day a real penguin entered the scene and even though Penguin? was jealous of him at first, in the end they became friends.

Sumikko Gurashi penguin plush

Items with both penguins are available at San-X Japan, or through resellers, such as Ami Ami (Japan) and Cuteness.nl (EU).

Badtz Maru

kawaii penguins - Badtz Maru

Sanrio is not only home to Tuxedo Sam, but also to another penguin. Badtz Maru is a mischievous penguin that lives in Gorgeoustown. He has a pet alligator called Pochi and dreams of greatness when growing up.

Badtz Maru plush

You can shop Badtz Maru products at Sanrio USA, Sanrio Japan and Kawaii Panda (EU) or enjoy his mobile wallpapers and papercrafts.

Who is your favourite kawaii penguin character?

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