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Facial Treatments & Face Masks For Self Care

Posted on July 9, 2020 by

Face masks – when I mention those words, I know the cloth coverings that we are wearing to keep safe come to mind. However today I am talking about beauty products and skincare, things that will give your skin a break from the daily wearing of cloth coverings.  

DIY face masks

Mamasezz has some super easy DIY face masks on her blog using stuff you probably have in your kitchen right now. Not only are they natural, there is no wasteful packaging involved.

kawaii sheet masks

I recently discovered the Hangover SOS sheet mask by Holler and Glow (USA / also available in Primark). It is super refreshing and not only does it make my skin feel good it lifts my spirits with its cute donut print!

watermelon face mask

Once a week I use Yes To’s Watermelon Jelly Mask (USA / UK) and my skin glows afterwards! It smells fruity, the jelly texture feels awesome on hot days and is fun to use.

beauty face mask

I think everyone should have a jar of Aztec Healing Clay (USA / UK) in their cabinet. I use it to treat any pesky bumps that pop up (especially right now when cloth mask wearing is mandatory and it is hot out). I mix 1-part clay with 2-parts apple cider vinegar and leave on any problem area for 15 minutes and wash off. I also use this concoction to treat bug bites!

face mask spatulas

For a professional feel spa treat, I recommend these face mask brushes/spatulas (USA / UK) for all of your beauty mask applications. They make applying any concoction less of a messy hassle and more sanitary.

Skincare masks have been my go-to self-care pick me up since my grandma got me hooked on beauty products when I was a preteen. I would pore over teen magazines like Sassy in the early 90s and clip out DIY recipes that I would whip up for my sister and me. Let me know if you give these a try.

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