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Easy DIY Clay Ring Dish

Posted on May 14, 2020 by

All around the world people are taking to their sinks and washing their hands more. This is great news for fighting icky germs but not so great news if you wear rings. I came up with an easy solution that you can create yourself and have fun – clay ring dishes!

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I was inspired by Pastel Julia’s video to create mine and was able to buy paper clay at a craft store for curbside pickup. I mixed glow in the dark paint with white paint to do the splatter effect – glow paint on its own dries clear I found out!

Easy DIY Clay Ring Dish

Paper clay dries in about a day or two. Once dry, paint your bowl and let it dry for a few hours. Small dishes are about a 2-day project. I sealed my ring dish with Mod Podge to give it a glossy look. I picked some roses from garden and added and lit a scented soy candle to make my bathroom pretty for a pick me up.

More Ideas

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You could use polymer clay instead, or if you can’t get to a store, try making your own paper clay with this tutorial by Red Ted Art. Not only is it easy to make it is fairly cheap and you probably have everything you need around the house.

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If splatter paint is not your thing try a one of these other painted ideas, like makoccino’s fruit bowl tutorial.

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Or maybe try her donut idea in this cute bowls video.

I know this has inspired me to try more clay projects!

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