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Super Mario Bros. Picks

Posted on January 9, 2020 by

One of my holiday gifts was a Nintendo Switch and I thought it was about time to revisit some old friends. In the 80s my sister and I were the first kids in the neighborhood to get a Nintendo system. My little sister and I (I mostly watched and cheered her on) played Mario Bros. nonstop! Over the decades I always have enjoyed playing any of the new incarnations of this classic game.

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Currently Matt and I are playing Super Mario U Deluxe (USA / UK) and this has me feeling very nostalgic. Mario fandom is even stronger than ever or so it seems. These picks below have a little something for the gaming fan no matter how casual of a player you are.

Super Mario Bros. tanooki plush

Tanooki suit Mario is ready to fly into your world in plush form! USA

Super Mario Bros. Boo ghost pin

Whenever Boo shows up you know there will be trouble. This ghost cutie causes havoc but is too adorable to stay mad at him for long! Wear Boo on your jacket today with this enamel pin by CodyJamesbyCody. (USA)

Super Mario Bros. plush pillows

I always love cracking open a Yoshi egg and getting to hop on a critter to ride around on. This super large pillow plush (USA) is perfect for post-game napping or cuddling when a level has you frustrated.

Super Mario Bros. piranha plant lamp

Put your green thumb away – it is not needed here. In fact, it might get bitten off by this piranha plant! Not only would this look super rad on a desk – it is a lamp making it functional as well as cool! Get it from Gamestop (USA) or Menkind (UK).

Happy Birthday to my sister – this post is for you. I love you.

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