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Cute Self Care Gifts

Posted on December 12, 2019 by

Self care is really important and needed, especially during the holiday season. Here are some gift ideas that will help the people in your life look after themselves. While shopping for others, look after yourself and maybe snag a few of these for yourself as well!

Cute Self Care Gifts - lavender llama heating pad

Get rid of achy pains and drama with this lavender scented llama at Urban Outfitters (USA). You can either heat this plushie up in the microwave or let ‘em chill out in the freezer when you need something cooling to snuggle.

Cute Self Care Gifts - panda sleep mask

Do dark circles under your eyes keep you hiding indoors? Do you know someone who needs to get more rest?  This cute panda sleep mask will have you or your recipient getting some ZZzzZZs in no time. With fabric and size options EVESADesign (USA) has your sleep needs covered.

Cute Self Care Gifts - fox sticker

Perfect to stick on a journal or a lap top this fox sticker by LixxieBerry (UK) is a helpful reminder to slow down and enjoy life.

Cute Self Care Gifts - enamel pin

Do you have a workaholic in your life that could use a break? This pin inscribed with “don’t burn yourself out” by GirlandCatStudio (UK) is great gift to let someone know that it is okay to take a break!

free printable affirmation cards

Carrie Elle has free printable affirmation cards with upbeat words of encouragement. You can print them as is, or if you have hand lettering skills why not use them as a jumping off point and create your own? Doodling some kawaii characters on the cards would add a personal touch!

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