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Koupen Chan The Cute Penguin

Posted on October 8, 2019 by

Have you heard of Koupen Chan? This cute character is inspired by a baby emperor penguin and designed by illustrator Rurutea.

Koupen Chan Kawaii Penguin

You can find Koupen Chan & his friends on Japanese merchandise and also in a couple of cute Japanese videos.

Watch on YouTube

In this video you can see Koupen Chan with the slightly evil bird called Shima Enaga. The elder penguin is called Aderi Chan and from the looks of it he wonders what they are making all the fuss about.

Koupen Chan Kawaii Penguin calendar

Ami Ami (Japan) carries the most Koupen Chan products, such as this cute 2020 calendar. You can also find a lot of stationery with the kawaii penguin on it at this shop.

Koupen Chan Kawaii Penguin rement miniatures

I think that this Koupen Chan Re-ment set from HLJ (Japan) is adorable! I wouldn’t mind bringing it home.

Koupen Chan Kawaii Penguin plush

The official Koupen Chan Twitter is in Japanese, but don’t let that stop you from browsing through all the cute products and animations. As you can see Koupen is quite fashionable and he’s even dressed up for Halloween.

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