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Dolly Style Picks

Posted on September 19, 2019 by

When I was little I never played with dolls. I liked plushies (no surprise there, right?) and would use my little sister’s hand-me-down doll house to set up shop for my plush kitties and puppies to live in style. As I have gotten older, I can appreciate dollies and even like creepy cute ones and fashion inspired looks based on dolls. If you are like me then click on my picks below and get lost in a plastic like dream land!

Watch on YouTube

Melanie Martinez has a new full-length movie/music video mashup that you can watch for free on YouTube. K-12 is set in a private school with frilly uniforms that are too sweet to be true.

Melanie Martinez tshirt

You can buy exclusive K-12 & Melanie Martinez merch at Hot Topic (USA) including t-shirts, DVDs and pins.

Tama creepy cute art book

Tama’s new art book; Calling (USA) is a beautiful masterpiece that is super creepy while being super pretty. The colors and the wide-eyed subjects make Tama an artist I cannot get enough of.

pastel goth makeup palette

Sugarpill’s Fun Size palette (USA) is video game inspired but the colors are perfect for pastel goth looks. The packaging features office kitty Turkey and the colors inside are vibrant. It is my go-to palette lately!

pastel dollhouse enamel pin

Maybe you never had a doll house when you were younger and still dream of one. How about a pastel pin by VintageLoser (USA) to get your fix? It takes up less room and still will give you the nostalgic feels of pretend play.

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