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Posted on February 21, 2019 by

It’s Cat Week on SCK! Here is a round up of some of the latest and greatest kitty products I have come across. There is something for even the ficklest of felines.

cute bread cat bed

Cats will flop on anything…even squishy bread! This cat bread bed (USA / UK) is begging for a cat condiment to be plopped on top!

kawaii unicorn catnip cat toy

Show your kitty just how magical she/he is and get them their own unicorn stuffed with catnip from FelineFun (Canada).

kawaii bread cat toy

This baguette loaf kicker toy by WhimsilyEverAfter (USA) will be a favorite for your feline loaf no doubt.

noise maker cat toy

Celebrate everyday like it is Caturday with this noise maker toy by EllieBabaDesigns (USA). Don’t worry, it does not make noise – no need to spook your kitties!

tickle pickle cat toy

Tickle Pickles (USA / UK) are Mortis (above) and Mady’s (below) favorite toys. It must be the high quality catnip stuffed into each one that has them purring at play time. They have a few at this point!

tickle pickle cat toy

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