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Cute Zines for ZineWriMo

Posted on November 15, 2018 by

November is ZineWriMo (Zine Writing Month). The month focuses on creating a zine but also celebrating zines in general. I have been involved in the zine scene since the 90s and my love of zines never fades away.

make a zine

Ever wanted to make your own zine? It’s as easy as the image above, or here is a full step by step guide on how to make a one-page zine.

Want a mailbox full of good mail? Order some zines. All the zines below ship worldwide!

cute zine

Like cute food? I sure do and you get plenty of adorable food art in I May Like Cute Food Too Much by Milkbun.

cute zines

If you are into dark but cute characters then check Baphomet-Chan is Cute from HalfaxiaEmporium, a comic zine with a devilish little character making their way through high school.

cute zines

I love a good cat zine and bethspencerdesign makes some sweet cat art! Her Cat Lady Survival Guide is perfect for cat lovers worldwide.

cute zines

Witches, kitties and magic, my kind of combo! Witch Life by citrinenote is a mini zine that comes with a sticker and a spell for the magical set!

If you make zines let us know! I am always up for a good trade and to check out other people’s work.

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