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Most of the SCK Team keep a journal, whether it’s a bullet journal, planner, art journal or something in between. We often share kawaii journalling supplies and stationery but I thought it might be interesting to see which products we actually use. Check out our photos below and then use our shopping guides at the end for similar kawaii supplies.

Kawaii Journalling Supplies - Marceline / @marcelinesmith
Kawaii Journalling Supplies - Marceline / @marcelinesmith

Marceline | @marcelinesmith

I mostly use my journal for tracking stuff (like what’s in the post and how many days I go outside) but I’m also planning my next Japan trip. I use a Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal which is covered in my own Redbubble stickers. I decorate the pages with washi tape and mostly use Twin Tip Sharpies as the wide tip is great for headings and the small tip for writing.

Kawaii Journalling Supplies - Natasja / @kaoani

Natasja | @kaoani

I use a Rhodia Goalbook Bullet Journal. For almost all of my pages I use fineliners and stencils, with the pencil helping me to sketch the set up or titles. My writing is done with a Frixion ball pen, because I often make small mistakes and this ink is erasable. To add a touch of kawaii to the pages I use stickers, washi tape and sticky notes.

Kawaii Journalling Supplies - Andi / @pixiaa

Andi | @pixiaa

I use a Recollections personal planner (they don’t ship outside the US; Dokibook is a good international alternative.) My favorite writing utensils are the Micron 05 pen, Papermate Flair felt tip pens, Pilot FriXion erasable markers, and Zebra Mildliners.

I’m in a Marumofubiyori phase, so I’m using page flags, sticker flakes, and a mini memo pad set featuring the character at the moment. I also love using felt paper clips. Lastly, my favorite part of a planner is accessorizing it with charms; I’m currently using the tassel charm I made for the tutorial featured on SCK.

Kawaii Journalling Supplies - MissMuffcake / @missmuffcake

MissMuffcake | @missmuffcake

My go to art journaling supply is this massive set of gel pens! I use a sketch book I picked up at the craft store for $5.

Check out our guides to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide and Our Favourite Kawaii Artists, Designers & Makers for kawaii journalling supplies near you, or have a browse through our Stationery & Journaling posts.

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