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Cute Pass Cases

Posted on March 21, 2017 by

Keeping my public transport card inside my wallet has become a bit of a hassle. I’d rather have my card at hand to quickly touch it on an electronic reader. Luckily there’s a nice collection of cute pass cases available.

hey chickadee

The Pusheen ID case comes shaped as a medium sized plush. Simply place your card in the back window pocket, hang it from your bag and stretch out the retractable cord to swipe.

pokemon center

The Pokemon Center often releases pass cases, such as this sweet Togedemaru case. It has got a retractable cord and you even store spare change inside the zip case section.


This official Molang card case doesn’t take up a lot of space. Use the strap to hang it from your neck, belt or bag. Or detach the strap to keep the case at hand in your pocket.

jinbe san

Jinbe San might be one of the cutest characters out there. You can get him as a plush pass case or as a slimmer reel case at AmiAmi.

tokyo otaku mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode offers plenty of character cases, how about this rainbow Alpacasso reel pouch?

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