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Marimo Marshmallow is a web store based in Japan that sells cute candy, snacks, kitchenware and character goods. They sent a box filled with well wrapped Gudetama goodies for us to review (^_^)

gudetama pudding kit

I’ll start with a review of the pudding kit, but do read on for the other items, including a talking Gudetama plush! I received both Gudetama pudding kits and was eggcited to try them. The instructions on the back of the package are in Japanese, but this video shows really well how to prepare the kit.

gudetama pudding kit

Each kit includes a mould with Gudetama shapes, plus sachets with powder for the pudding and ‘egg white’. To prepare it you’ll need milk, some kitchenware, a microwave, refrigerator and a little patience. Since my microwave doesn’t come with a 500 watt setting, I decided to go for 450 watt and leave the pudding mix in a tiny bit longer. Here’s what the mould looked like, before I placed it in the refrigerator.

gudetama pudding kit

After about 2½ hours I stirred the white powder with milk, until it was a smooth substance. I added the egg-white on the plate and placed the (cooled-down) Gudetama on top. With the first shape I accidentally poked out a bit of his butt with the toothpick, oops. The other pudding came out in one piece though. I was actually surprised at how good the end result looked!

gudetama pudding kit
gudetama pudding kit

So what does a Gudetama pudding taste like? The ‘egg white’ was a little too sweet for my taste, but the custard pudding itself tasted very nice. I’m keeping the molds to use with semolina or custard pudding mix and I’d really like to try out this Gudetama Mango Pudding recipe.

marimo marshmallow

But wait there are even more Gudetama items inside the box! I was happy to see that they were all official Sanrio products of a good quality. I didn’t try the Deco Latte sheets, as we’ve reviewed the Rilakkuma version before, but they looked very cute.

marimo marshmallow

At first I was unaware that the Gudetama plush can talk. So it might have scared me a little when I accidentally squeezed it. This soft plush speaks ten different Japanese sentences in a high pitched voice. Sadly I’m not able to understand it, but according to the shop info he’s just being his lazy little self, with sentences such as “nope! no good! impossible!” or “can I go home yet?”

marimo marshmallow

The Gudetama mechanical pencil is made out of a sturdy material and comes with a lovely print on it. The A5 sized notebook has got 32 sheets of lined paper with the lazy egg in various poses. Both are great to make doodles with if you’re feeling tired at work or school.

marimo marshmallow

Visit Marimo Marshmallow to find out what other cute items they’ve got in store. SCK readers can use the code SUPERCUTEKAWAII2016 to get 5% off any order for the rest of the year!

Updated 2021: This shop is now closed – use our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide instead.

(These items were provided for review by Marimo Marshmallow but this is my honest review and the photos are my own)

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