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Take and Make Polymer Charms Kit Review

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Hi everyone, Frainy here with a crafty review of a Take and Make kit.

Take and Make Kit Review

Take and Make put together DIY boxes for a variety of different crafts, which is perfect for beginners who are unsure of the supplies they need to try out a fun new hobby! There are instructional videos for the kits on the website, so even novice crafters can follow along and create something awesome.

Take and Make Kit

The kit I’m going to be showing you today is the DIY Kawaii Penguin Charms kit by Elin Palmborg, known as aCupofCakeTV on Youtube. This kit is $19.99 and makes 5 penguin charms.

Take and Make Kit

So, what’s in the box?

Take and Make Kit

Inside the box there is everything you need to start making polymer clay charms, there’s even a little pot of glaze so you can give your charms a shiny finish!

Take and Make Kit

The video tutorial for these charms is quick and easy to follow, though you may find yourself pausing and rewinding a few times to make sure you’re doing everything right.

Take and Make Kit

The only supply you don’t receive in the box is a pair or wire cutters to trim the eyepins down. I had a pair of pliers which did the job just fine, although you can also use a pair of strong scissors too.

Take and Make Kit

And here are my finished penguins! Aren’t they cute? The video showed how to paint a little heart on their stomachs, but I only painted this on one of my charms. I also painted two layers of glaze which makes them very shiny and seals in the paint nicely. I didn’t make all five penguin charms, however judging by the amount of clay I used for these two I expect there to be lots left over afterwards for other clay projects.

Take and Make Kit

Once you get used to making these little charms you can even try other animals, like this panda! Of course the colour choices of clay are limited, but if you have other paints you can paint your charms any colour you like!

Extra tips!

  • The glue in this kit is very strong! Be careful not to get any on your skin because I nearly glued my fingers together!
  • If you find your white clay gets dirty and dust covered then you can clean it with a cotton bud and some nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. You can clean it before or after baking the clay.
  • If you still find the white clay is dirty, you can simply paint over it with the white paint included in the kit

If you fancy trying it yourself, the DIY Kawaii Penguin Charms kit is available online. from Take and Make.

Updated 2020: This shop is now closed. Have a look at our Craft Kits category for more kawaii kits to try.

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  1. Elin avatar

    Yay, how fun to see that you tried my kit :D Your charms turned out so cute <3

  2. Nancy Chay avatar
    Nancy Chay

    The charm kit is such a great idea!

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