Cute Cookies Polymer Clay Tutorial

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Let's Make Cookies

Hello everyone, Frainy here with another polymer clay tutorial. This time I’m showing you how to make cute cookie charms!

Let's Make Cookies


  • Tan & chocolate colour polymer clay.
  • Tin foil and/or old toothbrush
  • Chalk pastels
  • Paint brush
  • Dotting tool
  • Knife
  • Eyepin
Let's Make Cookies

Start by flattening a ball of tan polymer clay.

Let's Make Cookies

Texture with a ball of tin foil.

Let's Make Cookies

You can also texture with a toothbrush.

Let's Make Cookies

Use orangey-brown chalk pastels…

Let's Make Cookies

…to shade around the edge of the cookie to make it look baked.

Let's Make Cookies

Roll a log of chocolate clay.

Let's Make Cookies

Cut small pieces of the chocolate chips. Alternatively, use coloured clay for an M&Ms cookie.


Create a hole and add in a chocolate chip.

Let's Make Cookies

Add an eyepin if you want it to be a charm.

Let's Make Cookies

Bake according to package instructions and you’re done! Hang from your phone or bag, or turn into jewellery.

Let's Make Cookies

You can also add a face by using the technique from my cupcake tutorial. Have fun!

If you decide to try this out, comment below or tag @sckawaii on social media – we’d love to see your creations! You can also check out all of SCK’s original tutorials for more crafty ideas.

This tutorial was created by Frainy for Super Cute Kawaii and the images and instructions may not be reposted without credit and permission. Thank you for respecting the rights of artists and makers.

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  1. Jeong avatar

    This is so cute! Going to try to make this over the weekends!!!

  2. Laura avatar

    Ahhh this tutorial looks so easy!! Wish I had some Polymer clay around to crank out a batch of these!!

  3. Iskan Detia Karina avatar
    Iskan Detia Karina

    It’s so adorable :3

  4. Blue Eyed Night Owl avatar
    Blue Eyed Night Owl

    That looks so real!

  5. Kittykat2233 avatar

    These look so fun. :) Cookie ear rings would be cute.

  6. Kya avatar

    This is so awesome. I had wondered how to get the texture to look so realistic, so this is going to help when I try and make some next time. :D Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nancy Chay avatar
    Nancy Chay

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve just gotten started on making polymer clay charms, and I can’t get enough! They’re so fun to make, look really cute and make great presents! Please keep making more tutorials!

  8. Bee avatar

    Thank you for the tutorial – those cookies look adorable! I’m venturing into polymer clay modelling and it is so fun :) I really enjoy your tutorials xx

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