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Cute Studio Ghibli Crafts & Kits

Posted on March 24, 2023 by

It’s been years since we shared some crafts with Studio Ghibli characters and it turns there’s lots of new ones around, thanks to interest in the Ghibli Park opening. Here’s a few of my favourite DIYs, patterns and kits featuring characters from some of the best-known movies.

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CoffeeBreathArt has lots of fun ideas for Studio Ghibli themed gifts including food-inspired trinket dishes, polymer clay charms and Jiji’s mug.

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As a pompom fan, I love these Ghibli pompoms by Pompom Wonderland with Totoro, Jiji, No Face and a soot sprite. There’s a lot of details to get right but you can also download a detailed PDF to refer to.

Kiki's Delivery Service crochet doll pattern

There’s a lot of cute Studio Ghibli themed crochet patterns around and Crochethea is working on a series of free doll patterns for popular characters. You can make Kiki, Ponyo, Chihiro and No Face so far and keep an eye out for more.

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If you’re a Totoro fan, Amiguruku shows you how to make a mini amigurumi keychain that’s even suitable for beginners.

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The soot sprites were one of my early favourites and I was so happy to see them return in Spirited Away. Elizabeth Raine Fine Art has captured their cuteness perfectly with this polymer clay & resin charm tutorial.

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Do you think the tree spirits from Princess Mononoke are cute or a little creepy? If it’s the former, you can make your own with this kodama DIY by Randomona. It’s a bobblehead figure that even spins its head and rattles like the real thing.

Studio Ghibli paper craft kits

Sugoi Mart (JP) have a huge selection of DIY paper craft kits with characters, scenes and buildings from pretty much every Ghibli movie. They range from small projects to whole town scenes that should keep you busy for quite a while.

Studio Ghibli origami kits

These Ensky origami kits are a simpler way to get into paper crafts as they include pre-printed paper so it’s easy to know where to fold and they’ll look super cute even they’re not perfect. There’s kits themed around Totoro, Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service and you can find them at Kinokuniya (US), Amazon (UK) and more.

You can also find more ideas in our previous posts of Studio Ghibli Crafts and Totoro Treats Recipes.

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