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Kawaii Studio Ghibli Crafts

Posted on April 17, 2020 by

Since I have a bit of time on my hands nowadays, I’ve planned a whole Studio Ghibli marathon. And of course I had to find some crafts to go with it! My Neighbor Totoro projects may be the easiest to find, but there are plenty of great crafts to check out that feature other Studio Ghibli film characters as well. Here are some of my highlights.

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There are lots of cute Kiki’s Delivery Service tutorials that I found, but one of my favorites is the DIY needle felted Jiji by the Chamkke Needle Felt channel. It’s a bit longer than most tutorials, but that makes it very thorough, which helps if you’re new to needle felting!

Kawaii Studio Ghibli Crafts - kiki's delivery service cross stitch pattern

If you’re more into cross stitch than needle felting, there are options for you as well. The DJStitches Etsy shop has an adorable Kiki’s bread sign PDF pattern that would make a perfect wall hanging.

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It’s been shameful amount of time for me since I made anything with clay (the horror!), so I’m debating on what my next project should be; I’m leaning towards following this cute Spirited Away Otori-Sama figurine tutorial by Kendall Hoyt.

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Prefer spending more time in the kitchen? Try out Doki Cakes tutorial that shows you how to make Spirited Away No Face mini cakes!

Kawaii Studio Ghibli Crafts - catbus amigurumi crochet pattern

Crochet crafters definitely do not have a shortage; there’s a slew of crochet and amigurumi projects to choose from, but Amigudolls on Etsy has a spot in my top favorites with their amigurumi Catbus pattern.

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I found lots of free crochet options too, like this amigurumi Soot Sprite by Ami Amour on Youtube! Not only is it cute, but it’s also simple and quick enough that it works well for both beginners and more advanced crochet hobbyists.

(I keep telling myself I’ll sit myself down and learn how to crochet—now would be an opportune time to do it—so I’ll be adding this one to my long list of beginner’s projects!)

Do you have a favorite Studio Ghibli film? If you’re a fan, you can check out more Studio Ghibli posts or have a look in the DIY Crafts section.

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