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Our New Weekly Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter will be ending in April and from Sunday 7th May, we’ll be sending out a new weekly newsletter via Substack. 

The reason we’re moving is to make things easier and better for everyone. The emails will include every blog post, instead of a selection, so you can read posts while they’re still fresh. No more missing out on limited edition offers or getting holiday-related posts after the event has passed. A shorter email will also take less time to put together, so we’ll be able to include more exclusive content like sneak previews, cute links from around the web, SCK staff recommendations, archive dives and more.

Sign up now!

If you’re not already subscribed to our newsletter, sign up now to get the first email on May 8th, and every Sunday after that.

For current subscribers

We’ll automatically move over all our existing subscribers so you don’t need to do anything to receive the weekly emails. If you decide it’s not for you, then you can of course unsubscribe from the weekly email at any time. If you are already a Substack user with an account under a different email, I would recommend you subscribe via our Substack page while logged in and then unsubscribe your old one using the link in any of our old or new newsletters.

What are the benefits of using Substack?

You can create an optional account at Substack to read the newsletters online or through their free app, rather than in your inbox. There’s loads of great writers on Substack so you can read all your subscriptions in the same place. You’ll also be able to leave comments and take advantage of other features. Find out more on their website.

Is the newsletter still free?

Yes! Substack does offer the option of paid subscribers who receive extra content but we are currently not able to offer this, due to tedious Brexit-related tax stuff. It’s possible we may add this in future if things change, but it will be optional and there will always be a free email as well. The blog will always be free to access too.

Any other questions?

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