Modes4u Christmas Iwako Erasers Giveaway

Posted on September 23, 2015 by

Time for a new giveaway and we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves with a super cute Christmas prize from Modes4u.


Maybe you’re not thinking about Christmas yet (though I’ll take a cute snowman any time of year), but the lucky winner will receive a pack of thirteen Iwako erasers from the Christmas collection, so you’ll also be able to save a few to gift to your friends.



Here’s a closer look at them all – too cute! To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below for multiple chances to win. PLEASE check you are answering the question in your comment, or ALL your entries will be disqualified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway closes on Tuesday 6th October and we’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck!

PS. I’m not feeling too well this week, so you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out who won our birthday giveaway. Watch this space :)

Please Note:

  • By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Follow the rules or we’ll disqualify all your entries – we do check!
  • No giveaway accounts (eg. a Twitter account you only use for giveaways)
  • This giveaway is open worldwide.
Let's Go Shopping!

Let’s go Mushroom Hunting

Posted on September 22, 2015 by

Nothing says autumn like mushrooms, so I picked some cute ones for you to forage.

Momo Kitty Creations

Momo Kitty Creations really makes the most cutest mushroom charms! You can find more species at her Etsy shop.

Mama Mayberry’s

Discover this sweet plush mushroom and other toadstools at Mama Mayberry’s.

Tofu Cute

These rare smiling mushrooms are hiding at Tofu Cute. The letter paper contains funny phrases such as “I am a little mushroom boy”, and “My house is in the forest and everyone can come to play”.

Mind Wave

I’ve got this Mind Wave sticker sack filled with fungi at home and really enjoy the characters. You can forage it at Kawaii Shop Japan and Kawaii Stickers 4 You.


The colourful mushroom from Sugar Hotel at Artbox comes in various shapes, such as a pin badges, notebooks and cushions. Which one would you like to pick?

Cute Shop Alert!

Rilakkuma Shop Plushies

Posted on September 21, 2015 by

I love seeing all the weird and wonderful new Rilakkuma plushies, but usually we either have to wait ages for them to arrive over here, or pay huge prices on eBay. I came across Rilakkuma Shop recently, which sells authentic new plush from Japan via Singapore with very affordable shipping worldwide. Let’s look at some of the amazing things on sale.

rilakkuma halloween

We are already gearing up for Halloween here at SCK and pumpkin plushies are available for pre-order.

rilakkuma panda

I’m still waiting impatiently for the Panda series to be more widely available. This panda plush is adorable and available now.

rilakkuma bread

Stuffed inside various kinds of bread? Sure, why not.

rilakkuma birthday cake

If you’ve got £200 to spare, what better way to spend it than on a huge plushie Rilakkuma birthday cake?


They also sell lots of Sumikko Gurashi including this amazing sushi set.

It’s not all pricey stuff though – there are plush from under £4 and lots of cute stationery, plus lucky draw items. Check it all out at Rilakkuma Shop.

Super Cute Sites

Sunday Links

Posted on September 20, 2015 by

Another batch of cute links to distract you from the end of the weekend.


Hello Kitty Junkie has a post on Sanrio’s amazing new pet range, which includes tiny backpacks for your dog and these adorable costumes. Check out the video below.

Super Cute Sponsors

Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on September 19, 2015 by

kawaii depot memo pads

Kawaii Depot have been adding tons of super cute new memo pads and letter sets from San-X, Kamio, Mindwave and more. At only $2.40 each, the mini memo pads are a bargain and you also get 10% off any order of $10 or more with the code KDSS-10.


Happy Kawaii Supplies have all the cute and colourful supplies you need for decoden and jewellery-making and SCK readers get 15% off all orders with the code CUTIE! Make sure to follow them on Instagram too, for sneak peeks at new products and ideas of things to make like pendants from these fun lollipops.


Yozo Craft have just added some fun new Japanese cotton/linen fabrics featuring cats, dogs, deer, foxes and more. Those cats would make an amazing cushion!


I’m already getting into the Halloween spirit with a spooky new badge set in my Asking For Trouble shop. You can also pick and mix your own set of badges with 42 kawaii characters to choose from.

kawaii plush

Don’t forget to enter our surprise birthday giveaway – I’ve updated the post with more pics of what’s included and will be picking up a few goodies in Paperchase soon too. It closes on Tuesday and we’ll have a new giveaway next week.

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $10!

Let's Go Shopping!

Cute Cases for Your New iPhone

Posted on September 18, 2015 by

Since my iPhone died last month, I have been so excited about having a working mobile again soon that I almost forgot that I get to buy a new case too! Whether you’re picking up a brand new iPhone 6s or just looking to refresh your current case, here’s some cute cases I found – the good news is that cases for the 6 will fit the 6s too. Android users – I’ve also mentioned where non-iPhone options are available.

neko atsume

I haven’t been able to play Neko Atsume for ages but I love these clear cases, available from Otaku Mode. The way the cats are playing with the Apple logo is so cute. Also the cat with a bag on its head is the greatest.


Also hilarious, these rubber ducky cases from Hamee/Strapya World – the blue is actually liquid so the ducks float around.

petits pixels

I usually end up ordering a case with one of my own designs from Society6 and they have loads of other kawaii artists on there too. I love these polar bears by Petits Pixels. You can get all the designs on cases for iPhone 3G – 6s plus Galaxy S4-S6 too.


Redbubble also have great kawaii artist cases for iPhone and Galaxy. Daisy Beatrice has some really cute and colourful designs like these round animal faces.

sumikko gurashi

Whatever I buy, it’s likely to be a stopgap until my Japan trip next year, when I will get to do some kawaii shopping and probably buy all the Sumikko Gurashi things in existence. Until then, there are some cute cases available on eBay.

Fashion & Beauty

Batty For Bats

Posted on September 17, 2015 by

I brought you cats now I will bring you bats. Bats to wear and cuddle are a must have for your spooky cute look. Here are my top picks that mix cute and creepy and will have people doing a double take.

bat pack

Think of all the treasures this little bat-pack could hold! I can see many ways to make this cute or creepy-cute depending on what you pair it with! It could be a major staple in you cute goth wardrobe.

Dulce Calaveritas

These pink pleather bat bows from Dulce Calveritas are super cute. I have one of her bat bows in black (naturally) and wear it often in my hair.


Cuddle up with this bat plushie by Flat Bonnie without the fear of getting rabies!

Kawaii Machine

How about a cute ice skater inspired dress covered in super cute bats by Kawaii Machine?

Dolly Dynamite

Have a basic skirt, dress or short shorts that could use some bat flair? Throw on a pair of tights from Dolly Dynamite and add just the right amount of bats to your look.

Kawaii Reviews

Kawaii Plush Bag & Charm Review

Posted on September 16, 2015 by

review - kawaii plush

I was recently sent a few things to review from Kawaii Plush, a new online store selling…well, kawaii plush! I chose a bag and charm and they arrived quickly and well packaged.

kawaii plush

First up is this fluffy panda bag which is so cute – look at that face! It’s made with very fluffy fabric with padded ears and embroidered face.

kawaii plush

The inside is lined, though sadly without any inner pockets, but there’s a big zipper pocket on the back. You might need to do a lot of rummaging if you used it as your main bag, but it would be perfect for the beach or sports.

kawaii plush

The handles are made from a soft velvety plush and are a good length for a shoulder bag so it’s pretty comfy to wear. Overall, it’s pretty well made and looks super cute without being too crazy for everyday use.

kawaii plush

I was also sent this adorable little banana bag charm. Quite often these small items don’t live up to the images, but I was sent a few and they’re all perfect. That face just kills me and the fabric is so soft.

kawaii plush

It has a standard charm loop attached to a strong fabric loop that thankfully looks like it won’t break easily. I popped mine on my bag and he’s still happily hanging out there a few weeks later.

kawaii plush

Kawaii Plush have been changing their product range over the last few weeks, so sadly neither of these items is available any more. However, they do have some cute panda pouches, with lots more cute things to come.


Kawaii Plush also gave me a handful of banana charms to pass on to you lot, so they’ll be part of our Birthday Giveaway prizes. The winner will get two and two runners-up will get one each and some other goodies. Go enter now.

Books, Zines & Comics, Featured Posts

Cute Colouring Books and Printables

Posted on September 15, 2015 by

Marceline has recently posted about her favourite colouring and drawing books and now I’d like to show you mine. Colouring is something that really relaxes me, especially when it’s combined with cute pictures.

Colorful Jetoy

I’ve got a soft spot for Choo Choo Cats and couldn’t resist Colorful Jetoy. This is the eBay shop that I used to order a copy.

Econeco colouring book

The Econeco colouring book is filled with cute animals and would go perfect with pastel coloured pencils. It’s available at CD Japan and YesAsia.

wild olive

Mollie created a colouring page filled with her kawaii characters. You can download it for free at Wild Olive.

Ciocco Moca

If you are looking for something simple to colour, this free printable Ciocco Moca book might be it!


As a fan of 70’s & 80’s shoujo Manga, I really enjoy the colouring pages on Morimu’s website.

Thank you for reading and feel free to have a look on my Pinterest board for more kawaii colouring pages.

Cute Shop Alert!

Pocket Sushi Amigurumi

Posted on September 14, 2015 by

I always love browsing for cute amigurumi and Pocket Sushi are one of my latest finds. It was too hard to pick just a few so let’s have a look at all the cuteness.

Pocket Sushi

With a name like Pocket Sushi, there has to be some sushi and you can get both Spam Musubi and Egg Tamago kitties!

Pocket Sushi

There are mini octopuses in all kinds of colours and flavours and you can even design your own, plus add a keyring or phone charm attachment. I’m a big fan of the ice cream octopus.

Pocket Sushi

There are bigger toys too like this cute fox that can stand up by itself. I love his eyebrows.

Pocket Sushi

As well as amigurumi, you’ll find stickers, badges and charms. Look at all that happy food.

Pocket Sushi

There are also some great offers on just now including a free solid colour mini octopus with orders of $15 + more. Check out the full range and all the other offers over at Etsy.