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Super Cute Creators Interview: Anna of Mochimochi Land

Posted on July 15th 2015 by in Super Cute Creators

It’s time for another Super Cute Creators interview. Today we’re finding out a little bit more about Anna Hrachovec, overlord of the kawaii knitted world of Mochimochi Land. Read on for another inspiring look into the life of a kawaii creative!

anna hrachovec

Who are you, what do you make and what do you do in your spare time?

My name is Anna Hrachovec, and I’m a designer and artist obsessed with making a world full of cute and odd little knitted toys, called Mochimochi Land. Aside from knitting my creatures (or “mochis” as I often call them), I also write patterns for them, I create landscapes in which they play, and I bring them to life with stop-motion animation. That doesn’t leave a lot of spare time, but while I’m knitting I often listen to podcasts (I also write about them for The A.V. Club). I love reading and going to museums too.

Where do you live and what’s it’s like there?

I live in Chicago, where I’ve been for about a year and a half, so it’s still a little new to me! It’s a really big city with many different personalities. The first thing people usually say about Chicago is that it gets VERY cold, and they’re not kidding. So hibernation for a good four months of the year is pretty typical and inspires a lot of knitting here.


What was your first experience with kawaii culture and why does kawaii inspire your work?

The first time I encountered kawaii goods was when I was 12 years old and my family had an exchange student from Japan come to live with us for a year. Her mother would send her care packages filled with candy from Japan, and the packaging was so adorable and fascinating, I knew it was a country I was destined to visit. Not only did I visit a few years later, but I also went there for a year as an exchange student myself! I also learned to knit in Japan, although it was many years later that I discovered I could combine my passions for knitting and kawaii stuff to make my own characters. The simple shapes and expressions, along with the unusual depictions of kawaii characters from Japan, continue to inspire my designs.

mochimochi land

What cute products can you never resist buying for yourself?

For me it’s stationery! I was just in Korea and came home with sheets and sheets of adorable stickers. I don’t even use stickers all that much, but there’s something about a page full of cute characters in various poses that I just can’t resist.

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Cool Ice Cream Crafts

Posted on July 14th 2015 by in Free Downloads, Things To Make

It’s summertime! The hot weather makes me long for the beach and lots of ice cream. But it’s also a good time to take on some easy craft projects, that won’t make you break out in a cold sweat. I’ve selected a couple of cute and mostly free crafts for you to make:


YarnYard icecream

Technically speaking this AmiguruMEI Tuxedosam amigurumi doesn’t involve ice cream, but he was way too cute to pass by. He would go great with the kawaii crocheted ice cream cones from a YarnYard tutorial.


oh happy day

eat drink chic

How about throwing a small summer party with these printable ice cream invitations and popsicle memory cards?

Hello Dolly Designs

You can get the PDF pattern for these knitted ice cream cones at Hello Dolly Designs for about $3. They are originally intended as baby rattles, but would make a nice decoration or gift as well.

a beautiful mess

This DIY wall art by A Beautiful Mess is a quick project to take on and I really like the outcome. You could draw a face behind one of the scoops to make it even more kawaii.

Show us your cute makes!

If you make something from a tutorial, pattern or download featured on SCK, share your photos using the hashtag #supercutekawaii on Instagram or Twitter so we can see what you've made and share the best ones!

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Super Cute Box Review

Posted on July 13th 2015 by in Kawaii Reviews

super cute box review

There are a lot of kawaii subscription boxes around these days, which is great if you like receiving surprise post (and who doesn’t?), but how to decide which ones are worth your money? I got my hands on the June box from Super Cute Box so here’s a look inside.

super cute box

All the goodies are packed in a flat box that will fit through most letterboxes. Everything arrived in good condition and nicely packaged along with a cute postcard.

super cute box

Here’s what I found inside: Hello Kitty and panda letter sets, Mamegoma stickers, Rilakkuma file box, Hello Kitty mini card, bunny tray, deco tape, two pens, a pink heart necklace and a DIY bracelet kit.

super cute box

I really loved the file box, which is adorable and really useful. I’m definitely going to use it to store some of the cutest bits from my stationery collection.

super cute box

I also squeed a lot over this little bunny tray. You could use it as a coaster too, but it’s perfect for loose change and other bits and bobs.

super cute box

I especially liked that there was a lot of stationery, as it’s useful as well as being cute and it sets the Super Cute Box apart from other boxes. All the character goods appeared to be official licensed versions and I was happy to see Mamegoma in there. Super Cute Box also work with indie makers to include products that are a little bit different. As with most surprise boxes, there are a few items that weren’t to my taste, but the Super Cute Box had a very high hit rate and is worth the price when you fancy a treat.

Super Cute Box costs £18 for a trial box, or from £15 per month for a subscription and shipping is free within the UK. I would definitely recommend it to stationery fans as you get a lot of good quality items, and not much filler. You can check out the contents of past boxes on the Super Cute Box blog, along with a monthly giveaway to win a free box.

super cute box

You can order online now to receive the August box and make sure to use the code SIGNMEUP for £1 off your first box. Subscribers also get a free charm bracelet and a charm to add to it every month. Today is also the last day of their weekend sale – get £10 off a 6 month subscription or £5 off a 3 month subscription.

What do you think? Will you be giving it a go?

(Super Cute Box was provided for review but this is my honest review and the photos are my own)

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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on July 11th 2015 by in Super Cute Sponsors


We’ve got a few new sponsors to introduce today, starting with Kawaii Plush, who sell a great range of cute plush toys, bag charms and DIY kits, plus some super adorable plush bags – how great is this cat bag? There’s also free shipping in the US for a limited time.

plush pattern shop

If you fancy making your own plush, Plush Pattern Shop have an adorable range of characters to choose from. The dragon is my favourite, but you’ll find everything from bunnies and pandas to narwhals and beavers. Choose from a full kit or an instant pattern download, plus there’s a few finished toys too.


Kawaii Depot have been adding tons of new letter sets, notepads and stationery from Sanrio and San-X. I’m really happy to see Hummingmint included – this letter set is so sweet.


Happy Kawaii Supplies have some fun new supplies in store including these kawaii cabochon packs – 50 pieces for under £9. Plus SCK readers get 15% off all orders with the code CUTIE.


Yozo Craft have added lots of new mt washi tape from Japan, including this fun Hello Kitty tape covered in facts about Kitty and her family.


As well as jewellery, Reinbo Neko also sell cute art prints and postcards. You’ve got to love a rainbow unicorn and the prints are just $4 each.

byte size treasure

You really don’t see enough kawaii sharks, or sharks eating donuts, but Byte Size Treasure have you covered with this cute badge set. There’s also a buy 2 get 1 free offer on single badges.


Society6 have added all over print t-shirts to their range, which are great for kawaii patterns. This weekend you can get $5 off the new tees and free shipping worldwide on almost everything else. You need a special link (here’s mine, for Bunny & Panda and all the designs above) so check with your favourite artists if you know they’re on Society6.

mochimochi land

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win a copy of Adventures in Mochimochi Land, and if you’re at Hyper Japan this weekend, look out for Frainy or follow her on Twitter as she’s posting lots of pics.

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $10!

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Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival

Posted on July 10th 2015 by in Events, Featured Posts

Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival

For my birthday my boyfriend took me to see Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, CA. Being a Sanrio fan since a child I was super excited!

Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival

The festival had a lot of things to do and while one might think it is just for kids I think adults that grew up with Hello Kitty and her friends were enjoying it the most. There was interactive displays were you could snap a picture of yourself with cutouts. Every step you took there was an exhibit, a photo opportunity or something to look at.

Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival

Every 30 minutes or so there was a live performance with Sanrio characters, music and dancing. Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, Chococat, Purin, Badtz Maru and My Melody were in most of the shows. There were also audience interactive shows like a fashion show and dance competition. You could also buy limited edition merchandise to take home, get a temporary tattoo, press a penny and write a postcard to Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival   Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival

People came out dressed up in all their favorite Sanrio gear and wowed the crowed with creativity.

Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival

The event was three hours long. With so much to check out the three hour flew by. It was a super fun day that made me think of how much Hello Kitty and her friends have been a part of my life. I am lucky to have a boyfriend that took me and helped bring a big smile to my face on my special day!

Check the dates Sanrio has posted to see if the tour is coming near you!

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Cute Mini Watercolours by Knucker’s Hollow

Posted on July 9th 2015 by in Look What I've Got!

knuckers hollow

I bought these two sweet mini illustrations from Knucker’s Hollow months ago but it took me forever to find frames small enough for them! The mounts are custom made by Picture Lizard, recommended to me by Marceline, and they set the pictures off nicely. I fell in love with the chubby axolotl and shy cactus but Holly has plenty more kawaii pictures to choose from in her Etsy store.


This little dino is all ready to watch Jurassic World at the movies with his bucket of popcorn


And who could resist this sad kitty all tangled up in a ball of wool?

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Adventures in Mochimochi Land Book Giveaway

Posted on July 8th 2015 by in Giveaways

Time for a new giveaway! If you read my review yesterday, you’ll know all about this cute new knitted story book from Anna at Mochimochi Land and now you can win a copy of your own.

mochimochi land giveaway

We’ve got TWO copies of the book to give away so that’s two lucky winners.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below for multiple chances to win. PLEASE check you are answering the question in your comment, or ALL your entries will be disqualified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway closes on Tuesday 21st July and we’ll pick two winners at random. Good luck!

Please Note:
By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
Follow the rules or we’ll disqualify all your entries – we do check!
No giveaway accounts (eg. a Twitter account you only use for giveaways)
This giveaway is open worldwide.

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Book Review: Adventures in Mochimochi Land

Posted on July 7th 2015 by in Books, Zines & Comics, Kawaii Reviews

Adventures in Mochimochi Land

Adventures in Mochimochi Land is Anna Hrachovec’s fifth cute knitting book and the first that is aimed at non-knitters too, as it’s partly an adorable story book set in Mochimochi Land, a weird and wonderful place where almost everything has a face.

Adventures in Mochimochi Land

As a big fan of the residents of Mochimochi Land, I was so happy to hear about this book as, while I do know how to knit, I’m unable to do so any more as I have RSI in my wrist. Without any hope of knitting up any of the patterns, I was never able to own any of Anna’s work. Until now!

Adventures in Mochimochi Land

Adventures in Mochimochi Land contains 3 photo stories – a giant donut on a rampage, an undersea election and an airborne escape from Carnivale, with each story told by a little chap called Ichigo the adventurer. While the stories are short on words (and thus suitable for all ages), they’re accompanied by many pages of fully knitted scenes – not just the characters, but whole backgrounds and funny little details. I can’t even imagine how much work must have gone into each page.

Adventures in Mochimochi Land

The first story is my favourite, with an ever-growing donut rampaging around town eating everything from skyscrapers to cute little bunnies (noooo!)

Adventures in Mochimochi Land

Once you’ve enjoyed the stories, you can use the patterns at the back to knit up 25 of the characters and create your own stories. The patterns are aimed at more experienced knitters, but there’s also a few pages of knitting tips and instructions for beginners if you fancy giving it a shot.

Adventures in Mochimochi Land

This is a great addition to any cute and crafty bookshelf and would make an excellent gift for any knitters with small children to entertain.

Adventures in Mochimochi Land is out now and available online from Potter Craft, the Mochimochi Land website, Amazon and from your local book stores. We also have a couple of copies to give away so check back tomorrow for that, plus we’ll have a Super Cute Creators interview with Anna next week.

(Book was provided for review but these are my honest opinions and the photos are my own)

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Spring Kittens

Posted on July 6th 2015 by in Cute Shop Alert!

i love crafty

I wanted to post about these cuties when they first launched, but it all sold out so quickly. Luckily, a new batch is available so we have another chance. This adorable Spring Kittens range is a collaboration between I Love Crafty and Pony People, with each piece made of laser cut acrylic and adorned with hand-drawn details. The CATerpillar brooch is my favourite but everything is adorable. Check out the full range here.

i love crafty

i love crafty

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Summertime Treats

Posted on July 3rd 2015 by in Let's Go Shopping!

Summer is in full swing here in California. Besides experiencing the really high temps there is loads of stuff about summer I enjoy.

betsey johnson

Everywhere you go right now is brimming with gorgeous fruit and I cannot get enough of these tasty treats! Berries are my personal fave of the season. Show your love for strawberries with this Betsey Johnson strawberry purse.


I am all about the soy frozen yogurt and coconut milk based ice cream this summer. If I could get away with eating it for dinner I would! This kitty cone sticker by The Sparkle Collective is super cute and will let you enjoy ice cream any time of the day.


Get your kitty or doggy in on the summer time fruit action with this series of nesting watermelon beds by Milky Pet Supplies.


Even if you are not going to spend any time at the beach or poolside, Hello Kitty will have you feeling the summer fun with this super fruity towel.


Send someone a cute hello with these ice cream cards from the Cute Tape shop. It’s the perfect size to write a quick note to brighten someone’s day.

I hope your summer is fun! Remember your SPF and to drink lots of water!

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M Is For Make Summer Sale

Posted on July 2nd 2015 by in Sales & Discounts

M is for Make is one of my favourite sites to shop for fabric. While not totally kawaii, they have a lot of cute stuff that’s great for dressmaking and pillows. Today until 8pm you can get 15% off almost all fabrics with the code summer. Here’s a few of my favourites that somehow all turned out to feature cute animals…

m is for make


m is for make


m is for make

Smug foxes! (it’s actually called that)

m is for make

Bears on bicycles!

m is for make

And some cute little birdies. I might have my eye on this one.

Check out all the fabric at M is for Make and don’t forget to use the code summer for 15% off.

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Pocket Money Picks: Tofu Cute

Posted on July 1st 2015 by in Pocket Money Picks

It’s another Pocket Money Picks post of cute products that cost less than £5/$8 including shipping to at least one country. This time I had a look around Tofu Cute as they’ve been adding so much cute stuff lately. UK shipping generally costs £2.50 (or free if you spend over £20) and international shipping starts at just £1.90.  Here’s my favourites.

tofu cute

While you’ll need to save up for most of the amazing Amuse plush range, you can get a fluffy animal charm for just £1.50 or a pompom Alpacasso for £1.99. Mine’s the white bunny!

peach pocky

Tofu Cute have a big range of Pocky, with most priced under £2.50. I’ve never seen peach flavour before and now I want some.

tofu cute

These panda stickers aren’t just cute – they’re strawberry scented and glittery too! Quite a bargain at £1.99.

tofu cute

Write some super kawaii letters to your friends with this adorable hamburger letter set. It includes 2 kinds of writing paper + envelopes for £2.50.

tofu cute

I love all the designs in this card range but the gingerbread men birthday cake is possibly my favourite. Best of all, cards and some stickers ship extra cheap at 99p so you can get a few.

Well, I think I’ve talked myself into placing an order. How about you?

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Tiny Kawaii To Display

Posted on June 30th 2015 by in Let's Go Shopping!

Yesterday, I showed you some ideas for display units and now we’ll look at some kawaii to display. Filling the larger shelves is easy but finding tiny things for the smaller shelves is more difficult but also really fun.


Rement miniatures should be your first stop as they’re so perfect and totally kawaii. Modes4u have a great selection including this Rilakkuma supermarket range.


Etsy is a great source of tiny kawaii, whether you browse the amazing dollhouse miniatures or the tiny handmade creations of sellers like Made With Clay and Love we featured a few weeks ago, or SuAmi‘s teeny crochet creatures.


Gashapon /capsule toys are also great for tiny, cute and odd things. I always go mad on them when I’m in Japan, but there’s some cute things to be found in local machines now too. Online, you can find them at sites like YesAsia and AnyToys.


Iwako erasers are a cute and affordable collection to start with. UK folks can pick them up individually at Paperchase stores and Artbox have great prices on sets.

kawaii shop japan

Kawaii Shop Japan have a whole Small & Tiny section, which is always filled with adorable little things. The shop is only open occasionally so check back later this week to see what’s new.

In my own display, I also have pebbles and pinecones from my travels, things I’ve made or that friends have made for me and stuff from my childhood. Have a dig around in the corners of your bedroom and you might find all sorts of interesting things. If you make a kawaii display, do send us a photo!

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How To Make A Kawaii Display Shelf

Posted on June 29th 2015 by in Featured Posts, Home Cute Home

You’ve all seen photos of peoples’ amazing kawaii toys on display and it’s a great way to show off your stuff and cute up a room. I have a printers type drawer that I’ve filled with tiny things and this week I’m going to show you how to start one yourself. The first part is over on my own Asking For Trouble blog, where you can read more about my type drawer and all the things I’ve collected, and below are some ideas for display shelves.

My Type Drawer of tiny things

An old type drawer is the classic because it has so many tiny little shelves to fill. Luckily there are still loads of them about. Ebay is your best best – here are some type drawers in the UK. Prices vary according to condition – mine was filthy and I had to do some very tedious cleaning before I could use it.


Etsy also has some great vintage sellers who will have good quality stuff that’s ready to be used straight away. This is a really cute unit from Atelier de la Choisille in France.


Here’s another style from Best Favorite Things in the US – remember, you can always paint them to match your room. If you have any antique, junk  or charity/thrift shops nearby it’s worth keeping an eye on them too – they’ll often have collectibles shelves for things like thimbles that can be re-used.


On the cheaper end, craft shops will often have plain wooden houses that can be painted or decoupaged. This one from Amazon is just £5.50 including shipping!


Another great and cheap idea is to head to IKEA or another big box store and buy some shadow box frames. Lay them out in a nice arrangement and then glue them together and paint. Emma at Emuse has a great tutorial for this.

Check back tomorrow when I’ll give you some ideas of things to put in your display shelves.

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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on June 27th 2015 by in Super Cute Sponsors

kawaii depot

Good news for sticker fans (so, all of us…) as Kawaii Depot have 15% off all stickers for the rest of June with the code STCK15. There’s no minimum order and loads of stickers to choose from with glitter, puffy, felt and more from all the big brands including San-X, Sanrio and MindWave.


If you’re feeling crafty, Happy Kawaii Supplies have loads of cute supplies at bargain prices including these colourful lollipop cabochons. SCK readers get 15% off all orders with the code CUTIE.

yozocraft stickers

Yozo Craft have also been adding some amazing new sticker sheets including lots of Sumikko Gurashi and some adorable moustachioed bunnies.

reinbo neko

Reinbo Neko’s new Cupcake Club collection includes necklaces, rings, hair clips and prints and you can get 5% off any order this month with the code HAPPY5.


There’s free shipping worldwide on (almost) everything at Society6 this weekend so snap up some kawaii art prints, tees, phone cases and more from your favourite artists. You’ll also find some cool Bunny & Panda stuff – these totes are super good quality and start at $18.


And if you’re headed to Sunnycon this weekend, make sure to look out for Frainy, who’s selling and cosplaying.

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $10!

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