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Posted on April 4th 2014 by claire



And to round off Stationery Week…something not paper-related at all!

Socksville is the latest brainwave of serial London-based awesome person, Leona Baker. Not content with bringing you the very best thrift finds around, she has now started an Instagram-only cute sock auction! Amazing.

Check out what’s on offer at the Socksville Instagram feed. SO MUCH CUTENESS.

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Kawaii Stationery at Fallindesign

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Squee! How cute are these animal letter sets at Fallindesign? Seals with cupcakes! Bears with baguettes! Bunnies with mittens! I want them all, and at £2.50 for a set of 3, there’s really no reason not to. Everyone gets 7% off their first order too!


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SCK Mega Surprise Giveaway Winners!

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Bonjour, mes amis! Le Bun is here telling to you of ze tres excitement news – ze winners of ze Mega Surprise Giveaway are announcing! Regardez ze prizings!



And now, I am pressing ze buttons in all ze correct orders and ze winner of ze UK prize is Tracey Peach.

Et, ze winner of ze international giving away is Jane Templeman.

Moi, I am emailing ze winners soon to find ze addresses and send ze prizes, bien sur! Merci beaucoup for ze entries, so many of ze entries!

Until next time, a bientot, mes petites!


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Stationery Week offers at Artbox!

Posted on April 1st 2014 by mar-c

artbox offer

It’s no April Fool – Artbox are giving us all 15% off everything today only. Time to stock up on cute stationery, stickers and plush! Just use the code JMGYA2 at checkout.

There’s also a massive 25% off all Sugar Hotel stationery during National Stationery Week – use the code G86L0T by April 6.



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National Stationery Week

Posted on March 31st 2014 by mar-c


Here in the UK we love stationery so much, we have a whole week to celebrate it! Yes, it’s National Stationery Week and we’ll take any excuse to post about (and buy more) stationery. If you’ve got any good offers to share, send us an email or leave a comment on this post – we’ll be featuring some of our favourite stationery on the blog this week.

My most recent stationery find is this set of three cute notebooks at Lil Pika – love the colours and the bunnies!

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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on March 29th 2014 by mar-c


YOZO Craft have added lots more of their handmade messenger bags this week – so many cute cat patterns!

cel's deconails

As well as nail art sets, Cel’s Deco Nails also sell some cute keyrings and bag charms. Who wants a panda ice cream?

the bellwether

It will soon be Easter so why not stitch up this sweet little bunny for a decoration? The cross-stitch chart is free to download from The Bellwether so give it a go.


Thanks for all the birthday and new house messages! I’m all moved in now, so my Moving Sale and giveaway will both be finishing on Monday – get your entries and orders in!


And a final reminder to enter our mega surprise giveaway – you could be getting a massive parcel in the post!

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $25!

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Crazy Or Cute? Sushi Tights

Posted on March 28th 2014 by claire



Now, I love food with faces on, but would I wear these tights? I’m not so sure. I am probably too old, mind you!

What do you think? Would these tights from Pistol Haute Jewels make you run screaming from the changing room, or do a little dance of delight?!

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Most Wanted: Kawaii Mystery Box

Posted on March 27th 2014 by claire



I love kawaii and I love getting surprises in the post – so what more could I ask for than a mystery box? What a great idea from .

Don’t forget you could win your own mystery stack of kawaii from right here on Super Cute Kawaii – there’s still time to enter!

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Kawaii Mother’s Day Cards

Posted on March 26th 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Mes amis! I hope those of you in ze UK are remembering Mothering Sunday zis weekend? Make sure to be treating your Maman to something cute! I show you some of ze kawaii cards I have been finding.

my zoetrope

Zis card by My Zoetrope would be good for Mama Bunny-san to wish her a ‘Hoppy’ Mother’s Day!

pango productions

Pango have so many of ze cute cards. I am liking these stars – ze cut out design is tres cute!


Zis elephant card is so sweet and available in store from Paperchase or with next day delivery online, if you are in ze rush!

Liza Phoenix

In France we do not celebrate until May, and the same in other countries, but we can be planning ze purchases, oui? Zazzle has many cute card designs that can be customised. I am liking ze unicorns by Liza Phoenix!


Et finallement, another card from Zazzle with ze colourful bears! It is designed by GirlyTemplate.

PS. Do not forget about ze mega surprise giveaway! I pick ze winners next week – au revoir!

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Bunny and Panda Hot Pots

Posted on March 25th 2014 by mar-c


I always love it when something comes in both a bunny and panda design – it’s like they made them just for us! These kawaii ceramic hot pots would cute up anyone’s kitchen, while actually being pretty useful too. They’re available from Zulily but sadly they’re out of stock at the moment.

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Easter Cuteness at Paperchase

Posted on March 24th 2014 by mar-c

Easter is my number one favourite holiday because Spring, chocolate and, oh yeah, BUNNIES! Paperchase have some adorable stuff in this year that I had a good squee over in the Glasgow store. The main character is this cute floral bunny, which can be found on mugs and beautiful papercut cards.

There are also some cute painted chicks – this card is especially cute!

My absolute favourite thing in the range are the nesting dolls, which bizarrely aren’t available on the website. I had to take this photo myself! I’m hoping someone gives me these for my birthday (tomorrow you guys!), but if not, I am definitely picking up a set myself.

Check out theEaster range online at Paperchase.

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Cushion Friends

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I received an email recently introducing me to Cushion Friends – check out these happy little dudes!

These guys are designed and made right here in the UK and are super squishy yet fully machine washable – the perfect combination for those afternoon naps on the sofa! You can’t help but smile at their cheery, colourful faces!



There’s a whole family – how could you pick a favourite?! I think mine is the green one though, Kasumii. Why, yes, they do all have names and personalities! Though I think I have more in common with Mimii, the pink one.

Check out the whole range here.  Happy snoozing!

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LuvlyGurumi Crochet Patterns

Posted on March 20th 2014 by mar-c


Even though I am still struggling to learn the very basics of crochet, I bookmark a lot of cute crochet patterns. LuvlyGurumi have some of the cutest bunnies ever and I checked in recently to find some new cuties! The turtle, bee and monkey (with banana friend!) are just amazingly sweet. If you’re more talented at crochet than me, pick up a pattern for just a couple of quid!



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SCK Mega Surprise Giveaway!

Posted on March 19th 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Bonjour, mes amis! Le Bun is here with ze tres magnifique giving away for you zis time. Oh, mon dieu, ze prizes!

As you know, Bunny is moving to ze seaside and is packing up all ze kawaii belongings into ze boxes and clearing out ze kawaii prize cupboard. So we are finding beaucoup de prizes for ze mystery giveaway. Regardez!


Oh, so many of ze packages, non? All of zis could be yours, mon ami – I will not spoil it for you, but zere is stationery, stickers, plush, zakka, rement…oh, la, la, mon icing is melting thinking of it!

Ze giveaway is open to UK readers only – ze prize pack is tres heavy! But do not worry, international friends, I am also having ze smaller, lighter prize package for you, I love you all! Entrez ONE giveaway using ze Rafflecopter widgets below.

Prize #1 – UK addresses only – enter here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize #2 – Everyone else – enter here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Bonne chance!

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Most Wanted: Dandy Lion Shop Cat Dress

Posted on March 18th 2014 by claire



There just isn’t enough in the way of kawaii clothing around that doesn’t  make you look like a 5 year old. But this, now this, I can get on board with!

This kawaii kitty cat dress from The Dandy Lion Shop is actually pretty stylish, don’t you think? I’d wear it and I’m an adult!

Check out their other handmade dresses – I think Bunny san might love their ghost dress!

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