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Sushi Roll Pencil Case Winner

Posted on July 9th 2014 by mar-c

Monsieur Le Bun will be along later with a brand new giveaway from Tofu Cute, but I’m just popping in to tell you the winner of the sushi roll pencil case. And the winner is….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Rachael! Look out for an email from us on how to claim your prize.

If you weren’t a winner this time, you can pick up a pencil case for yourself at

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Tofu Cute Review

Posted on July 8th 2014 by mar-c

tofu cute review

Tofu Cute are one of our favourite online stores in the UK so I was delighted when they sent me a box full of cuteness to review! It included Alpaca & Sheep Sponge Stickers, a yellow Alpacasso Plush CharmSakura Matcha Kit Kat Gift Box, Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Gummy Candy and a Tofu Tomodachi Card.


It all came packed in a box and everything was in perfect condition. The alpaca plush caught my eye first – it’s so cute and fluffy, and yellow is one of my favourite colours. It’s an official tagged Alpacasso brand with an elastic loop and will be going on one of my bags pronto. Continuing the alpaca theme, the Korean alpaca and sheep stickers are super cute with loads of different designs and sizes, and all made of squishy sponge.


On to the candy! Having visited Japan a few times, exciting Kit Kats always make me happy and you get 3 in this nicely packaged set, which would make a great gift. The Popin’ Candy kit is for making gummies and looks fun. Look out for another review post soon, when I’m going to rope my visiting sister into helping me try out lots of crazy sweets and candy kits, including these!

tofu tomodachi

Finally, the Tofu Tomodachi card. It’s a membership card that you can buy for £1 and then lets you earn points for every purchase online or at one of the many events Tofu Cute have a stand at. You can save up your points and use them as cash discounts on a future order or trade them in for special gifts! If you buy a lot of kawaii or Japanese candy, this is definitely worth the investment as Tofu Cute have such a great range of products. Plus it will looks awesome in your wallet!

Everything in my box is well-priced with the most expensive item (the alpaca plush) only £4.99 and the stickers are a bargainous £1.50. Tofu Cute ship worldwide and there’s free UK shipping on orders over £20.

If you like the look of all this, check back tomorrow for an even bigger and better giveaway prize pack with Monsieur Le Bun!

(Products were provided for review by Tofu Cute, but this is my honest review and the photos are my own)

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Moshi Moooosh Stickers

Posted on July 7th 2014 by claire



Aren’t these stickers just too cute? I love these tiny coffee mugs – perfect for your diary. Meeting up with Bunny San for a hot chocolate – sticker!



Have medication to take on certain days – sticker!

Check out what else you can stick in your diary at the Moshi Moooosh store on Etsy. 

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Cherry Abuku Plush

Posted on July 4th 2014 by mar-c

cherry abuku

I can never resist food with faces, especially if they’re as cute as this! Cherry Abuku have an adorable range of plushie friends and each one is handmade! They’re really affordable at £3-£10 each so that means you don’t really have to choose between those dango and the banana – you could get them both!

cherry abuku

cherry abuku

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Posted on July 3rd 2014 by mar-c


I love everything in the Supercrafti shop, a range of prints, cards and textiles by children’s book illustrator Erica. The funny bunny is my favourite, but I also love her tiger, fox and floral designs. Make sure you check out all her colourful designs over on Etsy.



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Let’s Go Shopping at Kawaii Land

Posted on July 2nd 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Bonjour mes amis! Today we take ze short break from giveaways and instead I do ze shopping. Kawaii Land promises to be ‘the cutest online store’ so let moi find ze cutest picks for you!


First, they have so many of ze cute squishies! I was happy to see mon ami Pom Pom Purin – we are both fond of ze pudding.


Did you know you can be making your own squishies? It is true! Zis Puffy Kit gives you all you need to be making your own squishy cake et donuts for keychains or decoden.


Kawaii Land have many of ze edible kits aussi. With these choco puzzle kits, I can be eating Bunny & Panda, oui?


There must be plushies too, non? Hannari Tofu pillows come in many sizes and tasty designs.


Et finallement, something cute to be storing your pennies for ze next shopping trip. Ze fruit coin purses are even half price in ze sale!

Make sure to be checking out Kawaii Land for ze full range of cute products. I return next week with ze new giveaway, and there is still time to entrez mon Sushi pencil case giveaway. Au revoir!

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Bead Crumbs

Posted on July 1st 2014 by mar-c


Bead weaving is not usually a craft known for being cute, but add some animals and food characters and you’re on to a winner! Bead Crumbs have lots of cute designs available as pendants, keyrings, earrings and more, plus a few patterns and books if you fancy giving it a go yourself.



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Hunkydory Home Summer Sale

Posted on June 30th 2014 by claire

Hunkydory Home are having their summer sale right now, so let’s see what’s cute and on offer!


These cute little egg cups are a snip at just £2 each.



This little guy can keep  you safe in the dark at night for just £3!


Make breakfast more fun with one of these fried egg moulds – cute and only a crisp fiver!


If you’d prefer to make your own kawaii, then how about this little fox kit? A bargain at £6.50 and so cute!


And one last pick – make your own odd owl with this kit – still under a tenner. Ace.

Check out the full sale at Hunkydory Home here.

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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on June 28th 2014 by mar-c

yozo craft

If you’re planning a crafty project, YOZO Craft have some really pretty buttons in stock. They’re printed on wood in a multitude of colourful designs and a pack of 5 buttons costs less than a dollar!


Artbox are offering you 25% off all Sugar Hotel branded stationery products until the end of the World Cup (that’s July 13th, for those of us who aren’t watching). Just use the code brazil at checkout, plus there’s free UK shipping on everything.


You can still get free shipping on any order from Kawaii Case until the end of the month. Check out these Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma phone stands!

the bellwether x asking for trouble

Panda-san is giving you a massive 50% off all kits at The Bellwether with the code 50KIT, including these cuties designed by me!


Or grab yourself 15% off any cute stationery, accessories and gifts from my Asking For Trouble store through Sunday with the code SUMMERFUN. The pineapple says so!

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $25! Plus use the code SUMMERSCK for 10% off any standard ad booked in June.

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Viruset Studio Ceramics

Posted on June 27th 2014 by mar-c


One thing I love to invest in is cute handmade ceramics. They look great around the house and they’re usually useful too. I’d love to add something from Viruset Studio to my collection, but it’s hard to pick from all the cute bowls, planters, tumblers and more! Check out the whole collection on Etsy and see if you can pick a favourite.



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Sushi Roll Pencil Case Giveaway

Posted on June 25th 2014 by Monsieur Le Bun

Bonjour, mes petites! As promised, I have ze new giveaway from mes amis at Bunny san wrote ze review yesterday, and today you can win une reversible sushi roll pencil case of your own!


To entrez, please use ze Rafflecopter widget below and you will find many chances to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ze contest closes on Tuesday 8th July and le winner will be picked at random. Bonne chance!

Terms and Conditions
By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

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Sushi Pencil Case Review

Posted on June 24th 2014 by mar-c

sushi pencil case SCK review

When emailed me about their new reversible Sushi Roll pencil cases I thought they were so cute and clever! Lucky for me, they sent one over so I can tell you if they’re as cool as they look online.

First off, it was really well packaged, in a sturdy box, and arrived in perfect condition. My first impression was that it was bigger than it looks online and really colourful.

sushi pencil case

The clever thing about these is you actually get two pencil cases attached together with velcro. They’re both really roomy so it would be great for school/college if you use different tools for classes. Me, I might keep drawing pencils in one and sewing supplies in the other.

But that’s not the best bit! The top case is reversible so you can turn it inside out and change your sushi from egg to salmon (or tuna to squid, if you buy the other version). There are some really nice details too, especially the tiny soy sauce fish on the zipper.

sushi pencil case

At $18.85 (approx £11) this isn’t the cheapest pencil case out there, but considering you really get 3 pencil cases, and in such a fun design, it seems well worth the money. The fabric is thick and plushy and looks like it will last a good while too.

Fancy one? Go buy from, or if you check back tomorrow Monsieur Le Bun will have a giveaway for you!
detail photos by Cool Pencil Case

Products were supplied by but the review contains my honest opinions and my own photos.

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House of Darkly

Posted on June 23rd 2014 by mar-c


Check out these cute handmade plush by House of Darkly! There’s lots of food with faces, plus more unexpected designs like the sad depressed lead balloon. You’ll also find jewellery and badges, plus they take custom orders, including that amazing Adventure Time bed worm!



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Super Cute Sponsor News

Posted on June 21st 2014 by mar-c


We’ve got LOADS of news and offers from our sponsors today so let’s get to it. Momiji have released the perfect summer gift with these blind box ice cream dolls called Happy Happy Happy. How can you possibly resist? (PS. check out @momijihq on Instagram for a chance to win one!)

cel's deconails

Cel’s Deconails are also in a summery mood – how about a cute decoden pill box with ice cream and sweets?


I love these new rolls of sticker tape that YOZO Craft are selling – it’s such a fun idea and they’re all so cute! Check all the rest of the designs, plus they’re just $1.85 a roll.


It’s another Super Saturday at Artbox – use the code NZ327J for 10% off your order today only, plus free UK shipping. They’ve got the cheapest prices on cute Iwako erasers if you fancy adding to your collection.


There’s a massive sale on at Paperchase with up to 50% off stationery, wrap and gifts. This cute pencil case is just £3!

kawaii case

Kawaii Case are offering free shipping on all orders in June. Check out this cute case featuring the bunny from the LINE app, available for iPhone and Galaxy.

white rabbit japan

White Rabbit Japan help you buy anything you need from Japan, either by organising the whole purchase or forwarding your order from a Japanese site. They also sell some popular products direct, including these cute Hello Kitty chopstick practice beans.

the bellwether

Panda-san has some fun new badges on sale at The Bellwether, all hand-stitched with her own paws. How about a lucky clover?

asking for trouble

And finally, if you like writing letters, I’ve got some cute new letter sets in my Asking For Trouble store, complete with full colour envelopes and little stickers. PS. use the code SUMMERFUN for 15% off your order this weekend only!

Want your shop featured like this? Super Cute Kawaii ads start at just $25! Plus use the code SUMMERSCK for 10% off any standard ad booked in June.

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Most Wanted: Mofutans Mochi Bunnies

Posted on June 20th 2014 by mar-c


San-X will always have the edge over Sanrio for me, because their characters are delightfully bonkers. Enter Mofutans, a gang of soft and pliable mochi bunnies! Mofutans character goods are starting to make their way out of Japan and I have a severe case of WANT, especially the soft and squashy plushy bunnies. You can find a good selection at ShopKawaii, and there’s lots of cuteness popping up on eBay too. Or go straight the source via Rakuten for a whole tub of bunnies!




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