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Let’s Go Shopping!

We pick a shop or subject and go off to fill our imaginary baskets.

  • ClayCreationsForEver
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Kawaii Avocados

    There’s something about food with faces that just makes me very happy. Especially when it involves fruit such as strawberries and avocados. Let’s meet some of the cutest avocados out there ^_^…

  • thesparklecollective
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Cats in Space

    This started out as a general space themed post but it seems cats are everywhere these days including space! Let’s look at the cutest ones. This little kitty is a cosmic explorer…

  • kidrobot
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Tacos vs Pizza

    I love tacos! I love pizza! If they battled it out, who would win? This huge Kidrobot taco plushy is beggin’ to be hugged. Betsey Johnson‘s taco clutch is perfect for going…

  • strapya world
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Glasses Are Kawaii!

    Both me and Marceline wear glasses and we love them but not everyone thinks they’re cute. I’ve found some kawaii items featuring spectacles to prove glasses can be kawaii too! Let Rilakkuma look after…

  • boygirlparty
    Let's Go Shopping!

    More Enamel Pin Picks

    There are so many cute enamel pins around these days that we could almost make this a weekly feature. Here’s a few of my latest favourites. Boygirlparty has so many cute new animal…

  • Michiscribbles
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Kawaii Wooden Decorations

    Wooden decorations go with almost every style and are quite timeless. Here are some ideas to decorate your home, bag or clothes with kawaii wooden items. At Mielasiela you’ll find a selection…

  • furlicious egg chair
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Faux Fur Fun

    I am already feeling the cold creep into my body! Stay warm this season with furry fun! Here are some cozy faux fur picks to add some warm fuzzies to your look…

  • petits pixels
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Awesome Axolotls

    Axolotls are so weird and so cute and sadly almost extinct. If you love them too, here’s my favourite kawaii axolotls. This super cute axolotl pattern is available on lots of cool…

  • 100% Soft
    Let's Go Shopping!

    Enamel Pin Picks

    There are so many cute enamel pins around at the moment and it was tough to choose just five, but here are my current favourites. Space taco! What better companion for an…