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Japan Centre Pop Culture Snack Box Review

Posted on July 25, 2016 by

japan centre review

It feels a little like we’re working our way through every Japanese snack box in existence, but we want to help you choose the best boxes. This latest box is from Japan Centre, an amazing Japanese food shop in London where I often pick up treats on visits or online. They recently launched this Pop Culture Snack Box and I was excited to see what was inside.

japan centre

I received the July Premium box, which was enormous! I forgot to take a photo of everything laid out but you can just about see it all. There’s Teshioya dashi salt rice crackers, Mame Kazoku mixed snacks, Norimaki senbei, peach gummies, Koala’s March strawberry biscuits, strawberry cheesecake KitKats, Quattro matcha chocolate biscuits, Kinoko no Yama dark chocolate biscuits, Kakiage tempura soba noodles, Kracie DIY grape candy kit and Hachimitsu lemon honey drink, plus a free toy.

japan centre

Unlike most boxes we review, this is definitely a family or group box as all the items are large sizes any many have individually wrapped pieces for easy sharing. Most exciting was this big Fuji shaped pack of strawberry cheesecake KitKats. With 9 in the box, you can share them with your friends and family and still have plenty for yourself. It’s a good popular flavour too whereas you might not want so many in one of the weirder flavours available.

japan centre

I also made a beeline for these biscuits. The Quattro look just like the picture and have layers of matcha flavourited biscuit, dark chocolate, matcha cream and matcha chocolate. It’s a sophisticated little snack and you won’t demolish the box too quickly.

japan centre

Unlike these mushroom biscuits which I wouldn’t have wanted to share! I’ve had the milk chocolate version before – and mango in Japan – but I do prefer dark chocolate. These were really good and I would definitely buy them again.

japan centre

The rest of the sweet stuff. The peach gummies are all individually wrapped for handy sharing and have a very realistic peach taste and a soft texture. Everyone loves Koala’s March, though I’m more fond of the chocolate flavour. And candy kits are always fun with friends – I’ve reviewed a similar one before. Continue Reading

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Design Festa Tokyo Part 2

Posted on July 22, 2016 by

Here’s some more cute makers from the Design Festa event I visited in Japan. If you missed my first post, go read that.

crown macaron - design festa

Deco sweets are still hugely popular in Japan and that was one of the biggest themes I saw (the other was cats!). Crown Macaron had one of the cutest stalls with lots of seal themed sweets charms and accessories.

maruyama toubou

The thing I most regret not buying is one of Maruyama Toubou‘s handmade pandas. There were mugs, bowls and more and each one has a different placement of paws to make them unique. It was too fragile to risk but I still wish I had one.


I wish that illustrator Zacky had brought more things but he only had a small spot. I love his style so much but there wasn’t a lot to buy, especially featuring my favourite, the ghost. He mostly designs LINE stickers and they’re all amazing.


Such cute paintings by Pikaderi who you can follow on Tumblr. There are few things cuter than animals and food together.

Nozi Noziko

And more cute illustration, from Nozi Noziko. Always nice to see some kawaii axolotls!

Design Festa takes place every May and November in Tokyo so if you have the chance to visit, it’s definitely worth it. I planned my trip around it as there’s always so much cute stuff to see. There’s also a Design Festa gallery in Harajuku that’s open all year round and has rotating exhibitions from artists and makers.


Hyper Japan Summer Festival 2016

Posted on July 21, 2016 by

Hyper Japan

The Hyper Japan festival is one of the highlights of my year. The most exciting thing about it for me is the huge range of stalls full of interesting, fun and kawaii things – there’s always something new to discover!

Hyper Japan

First I visited the massive Tofu Cute stand where they had a selection of plushies and snacks for sale as well as their lucky bags. I bought a snacks bag and it was really good value for £15. It’s a good way to try some Japanese snacks you might not have chosen yourself and the bag is really cute!

Hyper Japan

The NHK World stall was also very popular with their Time After Time capsule project and Domo-kun bouncing about making everyone smile.

Hyper Japan

He was also on stage joining in with Domobics, a combined exercise & dance routine with the catchiest song ever! Watch a video

Hyper Japan

There were a good selection of Japanese food stalls upstairs where I had yummy veggie gyoza, pumpkin korokke and edamame for lunch.

Hyper Japan

The Nintendo area was extremely popular with lots of games to play and an exclusive look at the new Zelda game in action.

Hyper Japan

I was keen to try one of the workshops so gave Temari ball embroidery a go. It’s quite intricate and complicated work but it was really fun to do and gets you chatting with the other people on your table. I don’t think mine turned out quite right but it does look pretty!

Hyper Japan

Check out the SCK Instagram for more photos and I’ll share some of my favourite stalls in a future post.

Thank you Hyper Japan for putting on such a great event and to all the lovely people I met – I really had lots of fun! The next Hyper Japan event is the Christmas Market in November.


Fuzzballs Meowgical Giveaway

Posted on July 20, 2016 by

Time for a new giveaway and this time it’s a very ‘meowgical’ prize from the Fuzzballs and their super cute animal characters.

fuzzballs giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a Women’s Meowgical shirt (S-2XL), a Meowgical necklace, Meowgical card and a Fuzzballs sticker sheet. Cats, unicorns and rainbows – what more do you need? Here’s a closer look at the stickers.

fuzzballs giveaway

So cute! To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below for multiple chances to win. Confused by Rafflecopter? Here’s a great guide.


  • Make sure to answer the question in your comment!
  • NO giveaway accounts allowed (eg. a Twitter account you only use to tweet giveaways)
  • ALL your entries will be disqualified if you break any rule
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  • This giveaway is open worldwide.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway closes on Tuesday 2nd August and we’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck!