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Kawaii Crafts Inspiration on Instagram

Posted on July 21, 2017 by

Whether you fancy yourself a crafter or not, it’s always fun to find cute new craft accounts to follow. I’m always on the lookout for new works to inspire myself, especially when I’m in an artistic rut. Fortunately, Instagram is the ideal place for discovering new creative content. That being said, I just recently went on a massive IG following spree, so today I’d like to share with you 5 of my current favorites!

milkybon kawaii instagram


Milkybon posts both resin and clay creations, so her feed has a great variety to browse through. I always find her unique pieces and pretty choice of color palettes very inspiring to look at!

saori_surunnuage kawaii instagram


Saori (saori_surunnuage) is very popular in the Japanese craft community for her undeniably cute and original needle felt accessories, and it isn’t hard to see why. She also makes and shares resin creations on her account.

hamarin115 kawaii instagram


Hamarin115’s feed features lots of kawaii bead embroidered jewelry and accessories. She is one of my all-time favorite creators on IG. I honestly could stare at the pastel colors all day. It’s complete eye candy!

mintookie kawaii instagram


Vivian (mintookie) posts the absolute cutest amigurumi projects! I love how creative she is with her takes on various characters (look at all the dangos!), and I’m also a huge fan of her tiny little amigurumi plushes.

chicchi_chimi kawaii instagram


Twin sisters Chiselu and Masayoshi share chicchi_chimi, where they post their cute embroidery creations. I love the mori kei vibe of their feed, and one of my lifetime goals is to be as talented with embroidery as they are!

Let us know in the comments if you have any favorite craft accounts on Instagram. If you’d like to see more social media recommendations in the future, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list!

Let's Go Shopping!

Cute Cats, Big and Small

Posted on July 20, 2017 by

Cats big or small – I like them all. From the wild ones that you see on nature shows to the ones that share the bed with you ate night, cats are magical no matter what their size is.

kawaii tiger plush

How about a tiny but mighty palm sized tiger or two? Strapya World have both tiger and white tiger.

custom cute cats plush

Careful It Bites has some of the fluffiest cat plushies around. Gotta pet them all!

rilakkuma tiger plush

Lions, tigers or a bear dressed up as one! Find this Rilakkuma tiger plush at JapanLA.

cute cats lion costume

Bring out the big cat in your little cat with this lion costume by Pampered Whiskers.

kawaii lion sticky memos

Don’t lose you place and roar with fright! Keep tabs on your notes with these lion sticky memos at Kawaii Depot.


Hyper Japan Summer 2017 Highlights

Posted on July 19, 2017 by

I’m back from London and my first Hyper Japan event and it was a whirlwind of kawaii! We’ll have more posts over the next couple of weeks but first here’s my top 5 highlights.

DJ DOMO at Hyper Japan


I had somehow missed that Domo-kun was back at Hyper Japan this year and I was so happy to see him! He was appearing in his new DJ DOMO persona – all shiny silver and flashing lights. The live set was one the most hilariously awesome things I’ve ever seen and we even got to meet him. Life goal ticked off.

Haruka Kurebayashi at Hyper Japan

Haruka Kurebayashi Harajuku Fashion Show

Dreamy Bows were launching their collaboration with Haruka Kurebayashi at Hyper Japan and the fashion show was super kawaii. We first got an introduction to all the different Japanese fashion styles you can spot in Harajuku and then Haruka Kurebayashi showed us her fashion makeovers and sang a few songs. It was great to see so many different models in so many different styles, reminding you that kawaii fashion is for everyone.

ARTBOX at Hyper Japan

Tofu Cute x ARTBOX x Dreamy Bows

Our first stop was this interconnected mega store of our favourite brands. Tofu Cute had their usual mix of Amuse plush, Japanese candy and random kawaii that you can’t resist. Dreamy Bows were showing off their new Haruka Kurebayashi collaboration and 6%DOKIDOKI range. ARTBOX had some unbelievably cute Sanrio and San-X products that had us running around squealing a lot, plus these adorable photo setups. Much money was spent.

inki-drop at Hyper Japan

Kawaii Makers

It was also great to see the smaller stalls and meet some of my favourite kawaii designers and makers. Top of the list was inki-Drop who came all the way from the USA but it was also cool to see Cakes With Faces, Fuzzballs, el horno and many more. I could have easily spent a fortune.

bonsai at Hyper Japan

Japanese Culture

While the kawaii parts are definitely the most fun, Hyper Japan showcases all types of Japanese culture. There were food and drink tastings, Nintendo games to play, anime goods galore and even a bonsai exhibition, plus plenty information for anyone planning a trip.

It’s definitely an amazing event to visit if you love Japan and kawaii. Tickets for the Christmas event are already on sale so make your plans! We’ll have more from Hyper Japan once I’ve sorted through all my hundreds of photos.

Home Cute Home, Let's Go Shopping!

Kawaii Ice Cream Picks

Posted on July 18, 2017 by

I’m a big fan of ice cream. Not only as a cold treat, but also shaped as cute homeware. You can easily brighten up your room with this selection of kawaii ice cream items (^_^).

kawaii ice cream print

How about a disco dipped ice cream cone on your wall? After purchase you can instantly download this cute print by Rachael Mary McLean.

kawaii popsicles string lights

How sweet is this popsicles string light by A Little Lovely Company?

pusheen ice cream plush

Pusheen is also a fan of ice cream and she wouldn’t mind a spot on your couch or bed. You can get Pusheen plushes at Artbox and Gund.

kawaii ice cream fabric

Get crafty with the kawaii ice cream fabric by Bora at Spoonflower. You could make a simple towel out of it, or a nice bag.

kawaii ice cream pillow

Marceline has also created a cute ice cream couple! They’re available on several items, such as this lovely throw pillow. And if you feel like doing some crafting, you should really check out her free ice cream printable garland.

Cute Shop Alert!

We Are Extinct – Kawaii Enamel Pins & Stickers

Posted on July 17, 2017 by

we are extinct kawaii cat stickers

We Are Extinct is the Etsy shop of Dutch illustrator Erik Buikema and it’s a must visit for kawaii cat fans. Just look at these Yum Yum Cats stickers! It’s impossible to pick a favourite but luckily they’re available as a set so you don’t have to choose.

kawaii cat enamel pins

You’ll also find some super cute enamel pins in store. Kittens are a natural anti-depressant and a whole basket of them is sure to cheer up anyone.

kawaii cafe enamel pins

It’s not all cats though – I’d love to live in a town with these happy food shops. You can buy them individually or save some cash with a full set.

kawaii puppy enamel pins

The shop name We Are Extinct is because the enamel pins are all limited edition so if you see something you like, don’t delay. It’s also well worth following Erik on Instagram as he’s always posting cute new work.