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Kawaii Stationery & More From Rico Design

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I’d come across the Paper Poetry range before but didn’t realise it was from a German brand Rico Design until I stumbled across a shop full of their products while in Berlin. I ended up not buying anything as there was too much choice (and too little suitcase space) but I have to share the joy with you.

My favourite items were from the new Futschikato collection, which is split between pixel art and floral designs. I just love all the colourful pixel art with bunnies, dogs, frogs, bees and fruit and couldn’t decide between the pouches, washi tape, notebooks and mugs. I feel some regret now, looking at it all again!

sakura stationery

You can understand how overwhelmed I was when you see this image for the Sakura collection, which shows just a part of the massive range. There’s so much stationery including washi tape, notebooks, sticky notes, pouches and multiple types of stickers. On top of that there’s party supplies, fabric, craft kits and homeware.

kawaii party supplies

I spent a lot of time in the party supplies section of the shop as I was obsessed with the happy sun. I seriously considered whether I could fit a pack of paper plates in my suitcase but they’d never have survived. Can you imagine a more cheerful party theme?

free craft patterns

I’m barely scratching the surface here as Rico Design also make craft supplies and kits including everything you need for knitting & crochet, embroidery, jewellery making, resin crafts, decoupage and much more. They even have lots of free patterns and tutorials (in German but your browser can translate) – above are just a few that caught my eye,

Rico Design ship from Germany within the EU. You can also find their products at stationery & craft shops worldwide – check the Store Finder. And if you’re in Berlin, make sure to visit idee in the Mall of Berlin to browse in person.

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