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Squishable has been around since 2007 but I only recently found out about them, so I was delighted to discover how cute their plushies are. They have lots of kawaii friends that are new and for Spring, and some available for pre order as well.

Squishable kawaii burger plush

The Comfort Food category is one of my favorites. This Mini Cheeseburger is new to the line up, with tomato, lettuce, and sauce included.

I love the Mini Cotton Candy Bunny. I think pink, blue, and purple might be my favorite color combo ever. This pastel cutie would be perfect for an Easter basket. There’s also a very similar Fluffy Bunny in white, pink, and tie-dye.

Squishable venus flytrap kawaii plush

Isn’t it fun when something that’s not traditionally cute gets kawaii-ified? I’ve been a fan of and even owned some carnivorous plants, and I was surprised to see that they have a Mini Venus Flytrap. It even has a unique feature of a magnetic mouth.

Squishable tardigrade kawaii plush

One of their newer and more obscure critters is the Mini Tardigrade, or “Water Bear”. I couldn’t believe they made a plush of this! But I think it’s really cool, and I like the vibrant blue they chose for this microscopic creature.

Squishable strawberry bear kawaii plush

I don’t think I need to explain how cute this pun of a creation is – the Mini Strawbeary. I can’t resist its adorableness. I’ll definitely be adding this one to my cart.

Squishable kawaii honey bear plush

There was also a friend available for pre-order that caught my eye: the Mini Honey Bear with honey smudged on its ear, holding a bee adorned pot, and tongue sticking out. Too cute.

Which new Squishables are you excited about? I’m looking forward to getting my first Squish soon!

Squishable ship worldwide from the USA.

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