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Hand Lettering Tutorials & Worksheets

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Hand lettering makes all the difference when it comes to journaling, card-making and snail mail, especially if you don’t have access to a printer. If your handwriting isn’t currently up to the job, here’s some channels and resources for tutorials, tips and practice worksheets.

Hand Lettering Tutorials

How to Hand Letter is an incredible resource with hundreds of accessible videos by Suzy Grace. There’s something for everyone, whether you need beginner tips, practice ideas, pen recommendations, Procreate-specific guides or just to watch lettering in real time. Suzy also has an Etsy shop with worksheets and printables and a free 7-day mini course to get you started.

Staedtler recently launched a very useful online Hand Lettering Creator tool that lets you create custom printable practice sheets for alphabets, words or fancy layouts. You can choose from a variety of fonts, styles and languages and even type in your own choice of words if you want to practice your name, days and months for journaling or create something for a special occasion. There’s also a hand lettering course for beginners on their Youtube channel.

Hand Lettering Tutorials

AmandaRachLee is a popular channel for bullet journaling and she also has a playlist with modern calligraphy & hand lettering videos. There’s lots of creative ideas here that you can use for your journal or holiday cards.

Hand Lettering Tutorials

JetPens is one of the best online shops for pens and their YouTube channel is full of videos to help you decide which pens would suit your style, plus tips, guides and tutorials for using different pens and brands and improving your handwriting and lettering skills.

Hand Lettering Tutorials

The TombowUSA channel also has some great tutorials and projects and you don’t need to own their pens to learn something new. I especially like the more creative and painterly ideas that can jazz up even simple block lettering. There’s also some free lettering worksheets and printables on their website.

Want more? The Spruce has a good list of 12 Free Hand Lettering Worksheets for Practice.

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