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Unique & Fun Kawaii Stationery

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Another roundup of unique and fun products you’ll want to add to your wishlist with pens, pencil cases, notebooks, washi tape and more.

Youtube suggested a video to me recently where someone was in disbelief over a new type of pencil case from Japan and I felt very old because these were all the rage when I was at primary school! I’m happy to see them back in fashion though. They’re double-sided boxes with squishy magnetic covers and have lots of compartments to organise your stationery. Some have secret drawers and other fun features too. They’re called fudebako in Japanese and I really love these Poke Peace designs at The Pokemon Center (JP) . They don’t ship internationally but you can use a forwarding service or make a request to JapanStuffs (JP) who do pickups and ship worldwide.

Pusheen stationery

The new Pusheen Fruits stationery collection at ARTBOX (UK) is also giving me a nostalgia rush, especially this classic back to school style stationery set. They also have a 6 colour pen, juice box pencil case, scented stickers and more.

kawaii lockable diary

Pango (UK) have a new set of lockable diaries to keep all your secrets safe. As well as this star, there’s a cupcake, mermaid, cat or unicorn, and they’re all so kawaii with squishy, glitter-filled covers.

kawaii highlighters

Smoko (US) have branched out into stationery with some really fun ideas. These stackable highlighters are shaped like Tayto Potato or Lil B Dumpling and would be great for journaling and studying.

kawaii pens

Legami (EU) have loads of cute pens including these Lovely Friends with removable animal charms. I can also personally recommend their erasable pens which are really nice to write with and come in lots of cute designs and colours. You can find their pens at lots of stockists if you’re not in Europe.

ghost kawaii notepads

Em & Sprout (US) has the cutest ghost notepad for you that will help you remember all the Things to boo! It’s even magnetic so you can put it on the fridge. This certainly looks like a much more enjoyable list of tasks than mine at the moment.

year of the dragon washi tape

The latest washi tape collection from The Washi Station (CAN) is themed around the year of the dragon and has 28 designs to choose from, all by independent and diverse artists. Many have perforated stamps, gold foiling or both!

kawaii desk cleaner

And something that made me laugh to finish off. How much do you need one of these little hamster or cat desk cleaners from JetPens (US)? Roll it across your desk and it will pick up any small debris like eraser crumbs or pencil shavings.

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