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Cute Character Night Lights

Posted on August 15, 2023 by

There’s nothing like a little glowing light to cheer up a room when it gets dark and even more so when it’s in the shape of our favourite kawaii characters. Here’s some cute night lights I’d love to display.

Pikachu night lights

The Puni Kyun Pikachu Light at oshoppu (UK) isn’t just an adorable night light, it has a special mode where the light changes when you squeeze him so you can make him light up in different ways.

Pusheen night lights

Pusheen is ready to keep you company during your next gaming session with this cute lamp at The Pusheen Shop (US). I wonder what game she’s playing?

Super Mario night lights

For a more retro gaming theme, this Super Mario Build A Level light at Firebox (UK) is a set of 16 cubes that you can arrange any way you like for your own light up level.

Sonic the hedgehog night lights

Smoko (US) have lights with their own original kawaii characters but also work with popular character brands. I love their take on Sonic the Hedgehog – he looks so cheeky!

kawaii night lights

Noodoll (UK) have just released 4 new night lights with their Ricemonsters and it’s impossible for me to pick between the mushroom and tree stump. They both have such cute faces and there’s also a dino and bunny.

Keroppi Sanrio night lights

BoxLunch (US) have quite a few character lights in stock from Disney, Star Wars, Sanrio and more. This light-up Keroppi would be a super cute decoration during the daytime too.

Ghibli Calcifer night lights

This Calcifer candle lamp at Japan Trend Shop (JP) will help you find your way around at night and feel like you’re living in Howl’s Moving Castle.

Miffy night lights

The famous Miffy light is coveted by many kawaii fans but I was happy to see that Mr Maria (EU) make lots of other Miffy-themed lights in a wide range of sizes and price points. How cute is her friend Boris the bear?

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