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Kawaii Etsy Picks For Bad Days

Posted on July 28, 2023 by

We all have bad times and sometimes you just need to feel your feelings. These cute picks from kawaii artists and makers on Etsy will help you ditch the positivity and let it all out. (I’m fine, by the way!)

I don't care kawaii enamel pin

Let’s start with some pins and Sugarnova (US) has the perfect one for when you need a cute frog to remind you that it’s okay if you Do Not Froggin’ Care what other people think.

grumpy monkey keyring

This grumpy monkey from Toasted Ink Studios (UK) is available as a keyring, pin or sticker and it’s so cute you might cheer yourself up just looking at it.

kawaiii cat zombie enamel pin

Just barely keepin’ it together? So is this zombie cat lapel pin set by Catmint Studios (US).

leave me alone pin

If you need some space, Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes (UK) have a rainbow-themed Leave Me Alone pin to subtly advise people to keep their distance.

kawaii vinyl stickers

Just Peachy Mind (US) wants you to know that It’s Okay to Be a Blob Today with this sweet sticker. Stick it somewhere for days when even getting out of bed feels like too much effort.

kawaii planner stickers

Enjoy ditching all your plans and responsibilities with these koala-themed planner stickers from Happy Cutie Studio (UK).

grumpy chicken washi tape

Robot Dance Battle (US) have lots of fun items with their Grumpy Chicken character including this “UGH” washi tape for when you’ve had enough.

everything is terrible kawaii cat cross stitch pattern

Cross stitch is the perfect stabby craft for bad days and Zahra Design Studio has lots of cute cat patterns to download including Everything is Terrible!

Hope you’re feeling better after all that and if you need some positive self care picks instead we have those too.

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