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Cute Characters: Kawaii Birds

Posted on May 8, 2023 by

It’s been way too long since we did a cute characters post, especially now they have their own category. If you’re new, these posts (re-) introduce you to a themed set of characters and where to buy products that feature them. We’ve shared some penguins before so let’s check out some other kinds of kawaii birds.



Kiiroitori (yellow bird in Japanese) is a chick and supposedly the pet of Kaori but he clearly runs the house! Living with lazy Rilakkuma, mischievous Korilakkuma and scatterbrained Kaori, Kiiroitori is the hard-working sensible one of the gang who spends his time cleaning and saving money.

Kiiroitori occasionally gets a special collection but is more usually part of the main gang or featured with Rilakkuma. The San-X Shop (JP – requires forwarding service) have quite a lot of products, many of which you can find at resellers like Cuteness (EU) , VeryGoods (JP) , JapanLA (US), ARTBOX (UK) and oshoppu (UK) who all ship worldwide.



Pekkle (Ahiru No Pekkuru in Japanese) the duck is one of Sanrio’s older characters, first appearing in 1989. He’s not so popular these days but his love of dancing and music brought him back to the spotlight in Sanrio’s Hapidanbui band for music videos and an anime series.

You can find a small selection of Pekkle items at Sanrio’s online shops in Japan and the USA (some only ship locally) + ARTBOX (UK), JapanLA (US) and Plaza Japan (JP) for worldwide shipping.


Rowlet pokemon

Rowlet (or Mokuroh in Japanese) is a Grass/Flying Pokemon who looks like a very round owl. Rowlet first appeared as a starter in the Sun & Moon games and later in n Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and also featured in the anime as one of Ash’s Pokemon.

You’ll find the best selection of Rowlet merch at the Pokemon Center Japan (JP – requires forwarding service) and most of those products are also available from resellers like VeryGoods (JP), Plaza Japan (JP) and oshoppu (UK) who all ship worldwide. The UK & US Pokemon Centers also have few different things, alongside a lot of sold out products that may be restocked.


Pusheen Bo comic

Bo is a small blue parakeet with big dreams and also Pusheen’s feathery friend. According to the Pusheen website, she aspires to be a world renowned interior designer and to find her soulmate. She occasionally features in the cartoons, often involving relatable adventures in love.

Pusheen Bo plush

Bo sadly doesn’t get featured on many products but you can buy this adorable plush at The Pusheen Shop (US) or ARTBOX (UK).

Who’s your favourite of these kawaii birds? We’ll have a poll on Twitter & Instagram later today. If you voted in the Ghosts polls, Obake was the favourite on Twitter and Gengar was the winner on Instagram.

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