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Washi Tape For Planners & Journaling

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While any kind of washi tape design is great for kawaii journaling or decorating any page, you can also buy designs to help you with layouts. These are all super helpful for anyone who doesn’t have the time, patience or artistic skills to create fancy headings and perfectly organised spreads.

washi tape for planners
washi tape for planners

JetPens (US) has a whole collection of Planner Washi Tapes that’s well worth a browse, and it includes a lot of fun designs by Mark’s Masté that are designed for you to write on top of. I especially like these 3 design rolls, which have a mix of perforated numbers, labels and flags to tear off and use to create colourful spreads.

days of the week washi tape

If your handwriting isn’t the prettiest, days of the week tape is a great option for a daily planner. You’ll find a wide choice of designs on Etsy to match your style – I’m a fan of this set of 3 tapes by Tape Gang (UK), which has days, months and dates.

washi tape labels

For other headings, the KITTA brand have some colourful washi tape labels that come packaged in a flat book. Washi Wednesday (SG) have a good selection including geometric, pastel and watercolour designs.

habit tracker washi tape

Mochi Things (US) have a lot of useful washi tape designs including habit tracker washi tapes to help you keep on top of things. There’s everything from simple tick boxes to a health check design with reminders for hydration, medication and exercise.

clock washi tape

If you spend some time trawling though the huge washi tape range at Fallindesign (KR), you’ll find some cute and clever designs for planning. I like these friendly clocks that you can use as a reminder for a specific time or event, or to split up your day.

to do list washi tape

These wide planner tapes by PaperfunnyCrafts (CN) include the same kind of clocks, plus to-do lists, memos, mini week plans and more so you can quickly lay out a whole spread. There’s a few different colours and styles to choose from.

bullet journal washi tape

If you love the look of bullet journaling but don’t have the patience for all the measuring and straight lines, Sticky Bee Stationery (UK) has a monochrome washi tape set to help out. It includes 20 designs that look hand-drawn with borders, numbers, icons and check boxes.

slim washi tape for borders

For a little more colour, slim washi tape is also great for borders and boxes. Cute Things From Japan (JP) have a cute selection by BGM that includes animals, flowers, stars and bunting.

solid colour washi tape

And of course, washi tape in solid colours or with light patterns are useful for all kinds of designs, whether you cut into small squares, write on top or use as borders. MT Masking Tape (UK) have a huge selection including sets.

As well as the shops above, there’s many more stationery stores and artists worldwide that sell washi tape. Check our shopping guide or have a read of our washi tape wish list posts.

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