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Instagram is full of creative people making amazing things and I am especially fond of those that make cute treats that look like kawaii characters. Here are a few of my favourite cute food creators that will definitely make you hit that follow button!

Cute Character Food on Instagram - mellyeatsworld

mellyeatsworld takes sweet treats and turns them into the most adorable creations. Choux buns become Grogu, macarons become otters, steamed buns become Baymax and pineapple cakes become Totoro. Even tapioca bubble tea balls are turned into little Mickey Mouse designs.

Cute Character Food on Instagram - luxeandthelady

The brightly coloured designs of luxeandthelady are a feast for the eyes. My favourites are probably her bubble cakes that are decorated with characters’ faces and rainbow sprinkles or her adorable character ice cream cones.

Cute Character Food on Instagram - phay_shing

As well as tutorials on how to make the perfect macaron, phay_shing creates sweet treats with the most incredible designs. Her Pikachu dressed as Hello Kitty (and vice versa) is a sure favourite, but I’m always amazed at her macaron ferris wheel designs.

Cute Character Food on Instagram - ske.f

If you’re a fan of Miffy, then you need to take a look at ske.f’s creations. She has Miffy’s little face on every kind of treat imaginable, from little cookies and macarons to parfait and tarts.

Cute Character Food on Instagram - constellationinspiration

I’m obsessed with constellationinspiration’s shaker cookies – layered cookies shaped like your favourite characters, with little clear sugar windows filled with rainbow sprinkles. They are so creative and I love to see which characters she chooses to include in her designs (the rocket filled with aliens from Toy Story might be a favourite along with Totoro).

Cute Character Food on Instagram - sugardevotion

sugardevotion makes the most kawaii of macarons, often themed to holidays or special occasions. The Monsters Inc. pumpkin designs from last Halloween were so adorable.

Cute Character Food on Instagram - xaya106x

xaya106x creates both sweet and savoury character based works of art. From Kirby tiramisu to No Face madeleines, her dishes are always inventive and diverse.

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