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Washi Tape Cutters & Dispensers

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If you use washi tape every day for journaling or packing up mail, a cutter or dispenser makes it much easier to get a neat edge without having to get the scissors out every time. Some of them even double as storage so you can keep your desk looking cute too.

kawaii washi tape cutters

JetPens (US) have a really cool range of Tape Dispensers & Cutters and of course I love these animal hug cutters. Each pack has 2 bears, bunnies, cats, monkeys or sloths for you to wrap around your favourite rolls for journaling on the go.

pastel washi tape dispensers

I’m also a fan of these Sun-Star LaCut tape dispensers. Not only are they the perfect pastel colours but they have a magnet on the bottom so you can stick them on your fridge or whiteboard for easy access.

mt washi tape cutters

You can’t go wrong with mt brand washi tape and I have one of their tape cutters on my desk. I love how simple and small it is and you can stand it upright to save space. The mt shop (UK) has lots of fun colours, and a twin size version too.

sanrio washi tape dispensers

Sanrio have come out with some fun washi tape holders over the years (remember the ferris wheel?) and Kawaii Panda (EU) have a few slot machine style dispensers in stock with Pompompurin or Pochacco. You get 3 matching tapes to start you off and then you can keep using it with any similar size rolls.

washi tape cutters

If you’re traveling, a tape cutter can avoid any issues with security and takes up very little space. These Nordic Forest designs from the Kokuyo brand at Miso Paper (UK) are so pretty and come in a few different sizes.

kawaii cat washi tape cutters

I was initially confused by these kitty washi tape cutters by Inner Creativity (US) as it’s just a flat piece of acrylic? However, if you watch the video it’s very clever. You use the flat side to help apply the tape neatly and then hold it down and use the edge as a guide to tear the tape. This will only work on paper tapes but it doubles as a keyring too.

kawaii washi tape holder

If you don’t like to restrict yourself to just one roll, this Saturn Cats acrylic washi stand by Meow Amor Creative (US) will let you stack some up on your desk.

kawaii washi tape holder

Or Mochi Things (US) have 3 flavours of cupcake stands from The Recorder Factory to keep things looking sweet.

We’ll have more washi tape shopping picks soon, but you can catch up on our previous washi tape posts in the meantime.

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