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Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

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Here’s our review of the Summer Pusheen Box which had a Sweet Picnic theme with coffee and bakery treats for summer outings.

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

Thankfully the delays seem to be over and this box shipped on time, arriving in the UK in just a few days. The cinnamon roll box design has to be one of the best yet and the vinyl figure made me laugh a lot – a Meowchiato! It’s not really one of my favourite designs but it’s a fun idea.

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this box and was surprised to find a warm brown coffee shop/bakery colour scheme, rather than sweet patisserie pastels, but it makes a nice change. There were 8 items in the Summer 2022 Pusheen Box: insulated picnic tote, picnic blanket, collapsible snack box, raglan tee, reusable cold pack, bottle opener, plush and vinyl figure. I’m doing the review a little differently this time as I took everything on a picnic! Some additional photos were taken at home.

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

The two major items are the insulated picnic tote and picnic blanket. The blanket has a carry handle strap to keep it rolled up and the tote is huge! You can fit everything you need for a picnic in here and the short straps are still long enough to carry on your shoulder.

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

It’s made of a thick, wipe-clean fabric with extra padding inside, and a super cute patisserie pattern on the outside! I wish it was a bit more useful for everyday though – there’s no zip or poppers to keep it closed and no pockets inside or out. It’s great for throwing in tons of stuff for a picnic or beach day, but not really for travel or shopping.

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

The picnic blanket is a lot bigger than I expected for its rolled-up size and weight, so no problem if you’re walking to the park or beach. It’s still best for one person though if you want room for your snacks. The patisserie pattern would have been so much more kawaii than brown gingham but at least it has Pusheen too. The blanket is also wipe clean and waterproof. The grass was still a bit damp in the shade and that wasn’t an issue at all.

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

My favourite item was the snack box as it has to be one of the most useful items I’ve ever received! The bottom part is flexible and pops up into quite a deep container with plenty room for snacks. you can see that the ice pack is the perfect size to use with it and has a gel inside that stays flexible when frozen.

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

Once you’ve eaten all your snacks, you can collapse it back down and it will take up hardly any room in your bag. I would have used this every day back when I had an office job but it’s still going to come in handy for picnics, day trips and holidays. These will both go well with the cooler bag from last Summer too.

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

The bottle opener could have been a throwaway filler item but it’s actually really well made with a rubbery Pusheen croissant handle. Like many people, I use a boring old corkscrew handle for bottles and this is much cuter. It would have been even better with a magnet on the back so you could keep it handy on the fridge but I can DIY that myself since the opener part is metal.

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

And a mention for the plush as it it’s a really cute one, though I’m not sure I would have guessed it’s supposed to be affogato. It’s great to see a different plush style after so many similar designs and it’s very cuddly and stands up fairly well by itself.

Final Thoughts

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box Review

I really liked this theme and every single item, plus it shipped on time and nothing was damaged or missing! Full marks all round. I wish everything wasn’t so brown though, especially since the postcard and promo images included colourful macarons and donuts that would have made things so much cuter.

While I don’t go on a lot of picnics, I will use the snack box, ice pack and bottle opener and will probably keep the bag, but I think I prefer the blanket from the Camp Pusheen box. I haven’t mentioned the raglan tee yet, which is another cute addition to my Pusheen Box wardrobe. I did wear it on my picnic but it was way too hot for selfies that day.

Pricing & International Fees

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25-30) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. Boxes sent to the UK do not incur any customs fees.

This box is still available so hurry and get one before it sells out! The Autumn theme should be announced soon – follow Pusheen Box on Instagram for previews and spoilers.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are my own)

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  1. Suzanne avatar

    That has to be one of the most useful ones I’ve seen! It’s always nice when a subscription box company focuses on use, it avoids a lot if waste and items that are cute for a minute, but mostly just sit around or get tossed.

  2. Shirel avatar

    I think this is my favourite theme! Very cute!

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