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Enamel pins aren’t quite the craze they used to be but there’s still lots of cute ones being released. I’m especially enjoying all the interactive designs with moving parts so here’s some really fun and clever pins I’ve come across. Many of the listings include videos so click through to see them in action.

pokemon spinning enamel pins

The most popular type of interactive design is definitely spinning pins and even the Pokemon Center is joining in with a beautiful series of Spinning Scenes pins (UK/US) with changing backgrounds. They even have Pikachu-shaped rubber backs! Looks like there’s a new one released each month so we’ve currently got 6 to choose from including Pikachu, Espeon and Umbreon.

kawaii self care spinning enamel pins

Make sure you’re looking after yourself with this self care heart wheel pin by zizi&me (US). It has a big mix of activities for when you need something to do, whether that’s baking, dancing, reading or just napping.

kawaii spinning enamel pins

If you hate making decisions, this Spinning Daisy pin by Occasionalish (US) will solve all your problems! You can either promise to stick with whatever decision comes up, or it will help you realise that you actually want to do the opposite. They have a lot of other interactive pins too.

moving scissors enamel pins

Sliding pins work in a similar way and The Gray Muse (US) has a lot of fun designs for crafters including a die-cutting machine, sewing machine and scissors that all have moving parts like the real thing.

tempura ramen sliding enamel pins

If you’re more of a foodie, NomsDesigns (CAN) have a cute range of sliding pins with tempura, rice, dim sum, coffee and cake.

travel suitcase hinged enamel pins

Hinged pins are much rarer but so cute, especially this little Travel & Explore suitcase by Danger In Design (PH). It would be such a sweet gift for anyone who loves to travel. They also have a hinged postbox.

biscuit tin hinged enamel pins

Or how about a little biscuit tin, full of classic British biscuits? It’s available in two colours from Nikki McWilliams (UK), along with more sweet treats in pin form.

kawaii bear swinging enamel pins

Swinging pins are especially cute on a coat or bag and Sugar [Cubed]³ Studios (US) have this adorable Spring Bear. They also have some cute dangling pins and often have interactive designs in their Patreon pin club.

kawaii bird swinging enamel pins

Birds also love to swing and Little Paper Blossom (AU) has captured that perfectly in this colourful Swinging Bird pin with a wreath of flowers.

kawaii dress up enamel pins

Magnetic pins are something I’ve started to notice recently and Kittynaut (US) has come up with one of the most fun ideas for that – dress up pins! There are 2 spooky cute designs so far that you can dress up in their Halloween costumes, and even mix and match the pieces if you get both.

It was really tough cutting this down to even 10 picks so definitely have a browse on Etsy using some of the search terms above if you love the idea of interactive pins.

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    These are so cool! I’ll have to save a bunch of these for later, they’re all amazing, but the scissors in particular seem great for sewing friends.

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