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Hi everyone! My name is Jen and I’ll be interning with SCK this summer. I live in Japan with my husband, our poodle, Cookie, and our hedgehog, Doppio. During the day I write for a streaming software company and in my free time I can usually be found playing Genshin Impact on my pink PC, crafting with my (rather large) collection of kawaii fabric, or watching slice-of-life anime.

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Today I want to talk to you about something that’s obviously very near and dear to my heart – streaming! There are loads of people on Instagram and YouTube who create cute content, but these days streaming services like Twitch are becoming increasingly popular. While gaming streamers are still dominating the industry, there are plenty of kawaii streamers who craft, make art, play music, and of course, play cute and cozy games. Here are some of my favorites.

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Cozy__Games – Kennedy is a streamer and YouTuber with a gentle, soothing voice that feels like a warm hug. She primarily streams games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, but she demos new and interesting games too. Thanks to Kennedy, I discovered the adorable dating sim, “Best Friend Forever” where you play as a dog owner who meets and dates other dog owners. Cozy__Games is the perfect channel to watch while snuggled up on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon.

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AlexaPoletti – Alexa is a popular YouTuber (511K subs at the time of this post) and streamer. She is known for her over-the-top sense of style and bubbly, energetic personality. Alexa is a variety streamer, meaning she does a little bit of everything. She plays cute games but also does crafting, outfit styling, make-up, and more! She recently turned her stream room into a cozy, haunted forest which is actual very cute (even with all the skeletons!).

Cute & Cozy Twitch Streamers - carbonchic

CarbonChic – Demi is a sewing and craft streamer from Australia. Her latest series of streams focuses on hand-sewing adorable felt animals, from koalas to platypuses. She also has two dogs and a “DogCam” system on her channel, meaning you can donate channel points to turn on the cam and see what the dogs are up to! If you’re into sewing, check her out for some cute and vintage-inspired wardrobe makes.

Cute & Cozy Twitch Streamers - jubelnaomi

JubelNaomi – Jubel is a kawaii art streamer with the sweetest personality and voice to match. If you tune in to one of her streams, you can catch dozens of cartoon ermines (a weasel-like animal, not to be mistaken for a cat!) prancing around the screen. She does commissioned pieces, fan art, and original art. Her streams are always full of adorable chaos and are sure to make you laugh!

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Stargirlxstream – Cherie (who goes by Star) is a singer and musician with a soft, angelic voice. Her bedroom, complete with fairy lights, candles, and mirrors, makes for the dreamiest backdrop. Viewers can request their favorites from her songlist (over 130 songs at the time of this post) including Taylor Swift classics, Billie Eilish, and my personal favorite, A Fine Frenzy (she plays “Queenie” in the Fantastic Beasts series). Catch one of Star’s streams and sing along or put it as background music to help you fall asleep.

Cute & Cozy Twitch Streamers - ADHDinJapan

ADHDinJapan – Time for some self-promotion! Since I live in Japan, I like to teach my viewers Japanese through games. Lately, I’ve been streaming the game based on the anime “Laid Back Camp,” which is currently only available in Japanese. I also have body-doubling streams to inspire viewers to focus and work or study alongside me (it can be very helpful, especially if you have trouble focusing or staying on task). If you’re interested in Japanese language and culture, you might enjoy my streams!

Are you a fan of watching streamers? Tell us some of your favorites and be sure to list your own channel if you have one!

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