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Kawaii Artists On Casetify

Posted on April 22, 2022 by

It’s always so good to see brands supporting artists and I was super happy to see some of the kawaii artists I follow have released collections with custom tech accessories site Casetify recently.

spongebob squarepants at Casetify

You might know Casetify from their brand collaborations like Hello Kitty, Pokemon and Spongebob Squarepants. They offer loads of styles and customisation options – including glitter and neon sand. Most designs are available for a huge range of Apple & Android devices, plus tablets, watches, AirPods and more. But much more exciting is their artist program and here’s 4 kawaii artist collections you need to check out.

Ellievsbear kawaii phone cases at Casetify

I love the dreamy paintings of Ellievsbear, which are full of cute animals and spirits. How can you resist a frog playing a keyboard or a happy cloud wearing rain boots? Casetify Shop | Instagram

Beckycas kawaii phone cases at Casetify

Beckycas has a sweet pastel style that looks so cute with the glittery and metallic options. The fake sticker designs are especially fun. Casetify Shop | Instagram

Liliuhms kawaii phone cases at Casetify

Liliuhms has one of the biggest range of designs and there’s something for every kawaii fan with animals, food and happy kids. Casetify Shop | Instagram

Messy Desk kawaii phone cases at Casetify

I wasn’t previously aware of Messy Desk from Hong Kong but I followed them on Instagram immediately. They’re mainly known for murals and there’s so many cute details to spot here. Casetify Shop | Instagram

You can find even more artists at Casetify so go and have a browse next time you get a new phone. Some of the artists have a discount code you can use – check their Instagram.

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