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Kawaii Wooden Pins

Posted on March 7, 2022 by

It’s great to see wooden pins becoming popular as a more eco-friendly alternative to enamel pins. Usually they’re made from fast-growing sustainable wood sources and can be manufactured locally in much smaller quantities. Printed wooden pins are just as cute and colourful as enamel, and I’ve had one on my coat for a year that’s still looking good. If you’d like to start collecting, here’s some cute ones by independent artists.

deer kawaii wooden pin

Sugar Bunny Shop (US) have restocked their range of wooden pins and there’s so many sweet cottagecore style characters to choose from. Luden the Lavendeer is one of the biggest pins and there’s lots of cute bunnies too.

sun kawaii wooden pin

While browsing on Etsy, some happy pins by LOULOUcarotte (UK) jumped out at me. I love this illustration style and can always do with a little bit more sunshine in my life, but there’s also a flower, heart, apple and more.

bunny sushi kawaii wooden pin

minatunimo (EU) is another shop where I want just about everything as they’re inspired by Japan and have a lot of cute bunny and food themes. How do you choose between bunny sushi, onigiri and daruma?

springtime kawaii wooden pins

I’m feeling quite desperate for Spring and PoussinEtPoupette (EU) have a very pretty new spring collection that’s full of sakura, bumblebees and lots of cats.

milkshake kawaii wooden pin

hannahdoodle (UK) has happy food and drinks for everyone with kawaii takes on tea, coffee and milkshakes, plus there’s eggs, donuts, ice cream and more.

magicat kawaii wooden pin

ruthdraws (UK) can add a little magic to your day with a lucky black Magicat! There’s also a matching sticker sheet and to do list notepad, plus some cute ravens too.

wizard frog kawaii wooden pin

Magicat would probably be good friends with the wizard frogs at UrsocsDen (UK). There’s 3 wooden pins to choose from with potions, toadstools and a crystal ball.

mushroom kawaii wooden pin

Moosh the mushroom is an original character by CherylsDoodlesCo (UK) who has a lot of adventures including visiting Japan and Hong Kong! This pin with heart garland would make a sweet gift.

birds kawaii wooden pins

If you’re a bird lover, kirstinstride (UK) has a lot of different birds to choose from. They’re all hand-painted, rather than printed, so each one is unique.

radish kawaii wooden pin

Sara’s Little Shop (US) has some very unexpected characters including crying dinosaurs, walking carrots and – my favourite – radish pups!

PS. If you’d like to design your own wooden pins, I can recommend Zap Creatives (UK) who have low minimums and lots of eco-friendly options.

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