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Kawaii Night Lights

Posted on February 18, 2022 by

LED night lights aren’t just for kids! They make any room feel more cosy, especially during these cold and gloomy winter months. It’s even better if they have a kawaii design so it works as a decoration during the day too. Here’s some of my current favourites.

Sumikko Gurashi LED night light

Sumikko Gurashi fans can have a light up version of the gang to hang out in the corner with. San-X (JP – requires forwarding service) only have a few of Shirokuma left in stock and you’ll find Neko at Play Asia (JP).

Tayto kawaii LED night light

Smoko (US) have an incredible range of kawaii night lights featuring their own original characters. I’ve just been giggling over the new Tayto lights, which are all adorable and hilarous. I insist you click through and watch the video of this Astro Tayto light tumbling through space. If you’re not in the US, Smoko have stockists worldwide, like Firebox (UK).

kawaii frog LED night light

Shop Zoki (US) keep coming out with the cutest new stuff and I want it all. The night lights section is no different with a happy cow, sleepy shiba, cute hedgehog and lots of colourful frogs!

trash kitties kawaii LED night light

100% Soft’s Trash Kitties blind boxes sold out fast but if you missed out you can still pick up a Chonky Trash Kitty night light (US). There’s also a trash can fire and 2 versions of the infamous Dumpster Fire. You can find some of these at Nippon Kawaii (EU) too.

kawaii animal LED night light

My first kawaii LED light was a happy cloud from A Little Lovely Company (EU) and it’s still holding up well. They’ve added many more designs since then and the animals are so sweet with all kinds from the woodland, the arctic and the jungle. You can also buy adapters for various countries so you don’t have to waste batteries.

kawaii red panda LED night light

If you’re a dog lover, Thousand Skies (US) has a few different breeds for you too choose from, but personally I’m a fan of the Super Fluffy Red Panda. It comes in 2 sizes and glows red.

Moomins kawaii LED night light

House of Disaster (UK) have some cute animal lights too, plus some picks for Moomin fans. This Moomin & Snorkmaiden lamp is sure to make you feel relaxed.

colour changing LED night light

For extra fun, search up a colour changing night light. I got this bunny for my birthday last year and it comes with a little remote so you can set the colour, brightness, timer etc. It’s also a bit squishy, rather than solid. You’ll find plenty more designs on sites like Amazon (UK/US).

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  • Reply
    February 18, 2022 at 4:35 pm

    I love little nightlights! I have Smoko’s bubbletea light and it is wonderful. 100% Soft’s trashfire is also very nice, and has a soft flickering effect. :)

  • Reply
    February 20, 2022 at 7:05 pm

    I love all these night lights! My favourite is the summiko gurashi one! Shirokuma is my favourite character. And, I’m a huge fan of Summiko Gurashi

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