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Mizutama Kawaii Soap Carving Tutorials

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When I was searching for year of the tiger crafts I came across the Mizutama channel and was amazed at all the cute creations made from soap. If you’ve never heard of soap carving before, have a look at these videos.

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Soap carving is literally carving a design out of a bar of soap using a special knife. You can use any commercial soap to get a colour and scent you like, and even make your own from leftover soap scraps. These birds look complicated but are actually a beginner design that will teach you some of the basic skills.

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All the Mizutama tutorials include templates that you use as a guide to cut out the shape and add details in the correct places. These mini heart bears are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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Or how about a cute bunny? These would make sweet gifts for Easter baskets in pastel colours.

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The videos are fun to just watch but if you’d like to try it yourself, there’s a playlist of beginner videos to get your started including lots of pretty flower designs.

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And there’s also useful tips like How To Make A New Soap From Soap Scraps that’s an eco-friendly way to avoid waste.

kawaii soap carving book

Mizutama has also written a book, Ultimate Soap Carving, which you can buy from her Etsy shop (JP) – along with tools and supplies – or on Amazon (US/UK). You can follow her on Instagram too.

What do you think? Would you like to try soap carving?

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    January 18, 2022 at 4:50 pm

    My Favourite soap carving is the one with the bear with the heart on it. :D

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