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Kawaii Vegan Stickers On Etsy

Posted on January 26, 2022 by

Whether you’re already vegan, trying Veganuary this month or just like happy food characters, Etsy is full of original vegan-themed stickers by kawaii artists and illustrators. Stick these in your journal, on your water bottle or anywhere else you like.

kawaii vegan stickers

Guts & Glitter (UK) has a huge range of colourful kawaii stickers and this vegan sticker pack is perfect for pastel fans. You get 6 stickers so you can even share some with friends.

kawaii vegan stickers

For even more choice, The Galactic Panda (UK) have a set of 28 paper stickers with cute vegan food and animal slogans. They’d be great for a Veganuary journal spread or to stick on snail mail.

kawaii vegan planner stickers

Happy Cutie Studio (UK) has cute planner stickers in every theme and hobby you can imagine. This vegan set would be perfect for keeping track of days you manage to stay meat and dairy free, but there’s also plenty more general food themes and mini meal planners.

kawaii vegan stickers

Or track your moods with this super cute Avocado Emotions sticker sheet by Jennifayrie (UK). I’m feeling a bit avocadone this week.

kawaii vegan stickers

ShopEmilyM (US) has loads of cute vegan food and animal stickers, and some are available as magnets too. I’m especially impressed to see a kawaii cauliflower but as a huge fan of kawaii bread, my favourite is the avocado toast.

kawaii vegan stickers

Show off your dairy free milk preference with a cute oat milk vinyl sticker by mushmi (US) on your travel cup. There’s also an almond milk version.

kawaii vegan stickers

Are you powered by plants or tofu? TofuThings (US) has just the sticker for you, and you can choose the design, size and material. There’s also a set of plant milks with similar options.

kawaii vegan stickers

And just a set of happy veggies stickers by PatsyPeach (UK) to finish things off. Look at those faces!

If you need more cute ideas for Veganuary check our archives for vegan recipes, picks and reviews.

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