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Cute Character Nail Art Tutorials

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January and February are definitely the best months of the year for indoor activities and crafts, so why not give something like nail art a try? It’ll keep you occupied during the long dark evenings and with these kawaii character tutorials, you’ll have something super cute to show for it!

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If you’re feeling lazy, then Gudetama is the perfect character to try first. Not only is he completely representing you, but this tutorial from Not Your Average Nails is also one of the simplest to start with.

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Are you a Pixar fan? Then why not pick one of these Pixar nail art tutorials from Cute Polish to try while watching the same movie. My favourite is definitely the Up design, but the Sully fur design from Monsters Inc. looks fun to try too.

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I love how cute Rilakkuma looks on this nail art from Yoko-Nailart. This is an easier one due to the fact that you can paint the whole nail first and then just add the features, rather than having to make the bear shape.

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This Sailor Moon design from Cute Polish is probably the most in depth tutorial on this list, but I just love how sparkly they are. Maybe try the Luna nail as an accent to plain sparkly nails, if the rest is too much.

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One of my favourite characters of all time (aside from Pikachu and Kero-chan) is Moomin. I used to read the books and watch the cartoons as a child, so I would love to try this design from Not Your Average Nails.

Which character do you want to try first?

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