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Animal Crossing Gyroid DIYs

Posted on January 18, 2022 by

One of the most surprising reveals of last year’s big Animal Crossing New Horizons update was that gyroids are now adorable! The older gyroids were fairly creepy and similar in style but the new ones are so colourful and cute, with 36 different ones to collect. If you’d like to make your favourite, here’s some cute gyroid DIYs to try.

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Squeakoid seems to be the most popular gyroid and Maqaroon has created a sock plushie version. This is pretty simple to make if you have some basic sewing skills, and you can use it as a guide to figure out how to make some of the other gyroids too.

Animal Crossing Gyroid amigurumi crochet patterns

Crocheters have quite a few gyroid patterns to choose from on Etsy but sunnyGstitches has the biggest selection by far! There’s a lot of popular ones available and it looks like they’re planning to have the whole range available eventually so keep an eye on their Instagram if your fave hasn’t turned up yet.

Animal Crossing Brewstoid amigurumi crochet patterns

amiguriguri only has 2 gyroid crochet patterns but they’re extremely cute and I especially love all the details on Brewstoid! Have you unlocked it in the game yet?

Animal Crossing Gyroid cross stitch pattern

Stitch Sprout has created a free cross stitch pattern featuring Squeakoid, Clatteroid and Tockoid. It would be easy enough to swap the colours too, if you have a preferred variation.

Animal Crossing Gyroid polymer clay tutorial

I was surprised that there’s not more clay tutorials for gyroids but あめめちゃんねる is working through them all and has a playlist to browse through. These are for air dry clay but would work with polymer clay too. The intros are really fun too.

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Or Clay With Fern has a polymer clay Squeakoid DIY that includes all 5 colour variations.

Animal Crossing Gyroid 3D printed figures

3D printing is becoming more affordable, and MekiesFigurines (UK) have a selection of gyroid figures that you can paint yourself. If have access to a 3D printer locally through your school or library, you should be able to find similar free files to use.

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And just because we all need it, here’s All Gyroids Dancing to Bubblegum KK!

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