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Posted on November 11, 2021 by

There are many reasons to love November, but today is the day to celebrate the simple and delicate delight that is Pocky. Pocky (pronounced “pokey”) is a Japanese snack consisting of thin biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate. 11/11 is Pocky Day because the numbers look like Pocky sticks.

pocky dorayaki

For Pocky Day at our house, I decided to make kawaii Pocky Pops using the Japanese confection dorayaki (a pancake sandwich with anko filling). I made mini pancakes*, spread lemon curd on one, added 2 Pocky sticks, placed the second pancake on top, and decorated the front with frosting. These turned out adorable and delicious. My 4-year-old daughter liked decorating them almost as much as she liked eating them. *For a delicious vegan recipe, see my recent kawaii pancakes post.

Pocky recipes

You can find more recipes that include Pocky on the Pocky USA website.

Watch on YouTube

Or you can even try making your own Pocky & Pepero, using this video by Nuddy Bar.

upcycled pocky box DIY

An excellent tutorial on upcycling your favorite Pocky box can be found on Craft Crossing. Here you can find out how to create a clever magnetic Pocky pocket.

Watch on YouTube

For those already a fan of Pocky, you can show off your snack-love by making some adorable Pocky stick earrings from polymer clay using this classic tutorial by GentlemanBunny.

Where to buy Pocky

where to buy pocky

Pocky come in a variety of flavors from cookies ‘n cream to banana split and can be found in almost any Asian supermarket. Here in Oregon, you can always find at least the strawberry and chocolate flavors in the Asian aisle of our standard grocery stores. If you are not so lucky where you live, you can order boxes of Pocky online – check our guide for Where To Buy Japanese Snacks & Candy. What’s your favorite flavor of Pocky?

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    I’ll have to try the cookies sometime! My personnal fav is matcha!

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      December 9, 2021 at 7:19 pm

      Matcha is a good one. I really like the seasonal flavors.

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