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Where To Buy Japanese Snacks & Candy

Posted on November 11, 2020 by

It’s Pocky Day today as 11/11 looks like Pocky sticks! The chocolate covered biscuit sticks are quite easy to find around the world now but if you’d like to try limited edition flavours and other interesting snacks from Japan, here’s some shops to browse. All sites ship worldwide.

Japanese snacks - Pocky

Sugoi Mart (Japan) is Japan Crate’s store so you can find items from their previous subscription boxes plus loads of popular candy & snacks including seasonal and limited edition flavours. They have a lot of interesting Pocky in stock just now including fancy Luxurious Pocky and giant size fruit flavours.

Japanese snacks - Pringles

Japan Haul (Japan) is run by the people behind TokyoTreat and YumeTwins and has all the latest weird and wonderful Japanese snacks – and some Korean snacks too. I’m very intrigued by these new Pringles that include fish & chips and a mystery flavour!

Japanese snacks mikan mochi

If you want to get a taste of regional Japan, Bokksu (Japan) partners with small local businesses around Japan to share their creations. As well as subscription boxes, they have a shop with snacks, candy, tea and more to buy individually. How about some mikan (mandarin) mochi featuring Ehime Prefecture’s mascot Mikyan!

Japanese snacks - puccho

OMG Japan (Japan) have the usual range of Kit Kats and Pocky plus a fun range of DIY candy kits and some regional Puccho & Hi-Chew candy box sets that wold make great gifts.

Japanese snacks - Kit Kats

If you prefer to order from the USA, World of Snacks have a small selection of Japanese snacks and candy including some interesting KitKats like Sakura Mochi and Ocean Salt.

Japanese snacks - Kit Kats

In the UK, Tofu Cute have lots of fun Japanese candy, snacks and drinks plus mystery bags at a few price points. These Kit Kat grab bags have 6 different flavours to try with lots of possible options.

Japanese snacks - Hello Panda

JapanCentre (UK) have a Christmas gift guide for Japanese snacks that includes sharing packs like these Hello Panda biscuits in 3 flavours.

Japanese tea - Karel Capek

For something a bit different, Rainbowholic Shop (Japan) have a great range of Karel Capek tea in adorable packaging. You can choose individual flavours, assorted packs and even gift sets with cute pouches.

Pocky recipes

And if you’ve got some Pocky on hand, why not celebrate Pocky Day with one of the fun recipes on the Pocky USA site? There’s everything from cinnamon spice cake pops to a big hedgehog cake!

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