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Fall 2021 Pusheen Box Review

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Here’s our review of the Fall Pusheen Box! It had a Boosheen theme with spooky cute treats for Halloween. Let’s have a look at what was inside. 

Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review

Unlike last Fall, this box arrived super fast in plenty time for Halloween. I was a little surprised to see a plain white box on my doormat but that was just the back and there’s a cute Boosheen face and Boo! speech bubble on the front, plus a spooky pattern inside. The vinyl figure wasn’t a spoiler item this year and I was so excited to see a translucent Boosheen. The clear base is such a nice touch, to make it look like she’s floating. It went straight onto my Halloween mantelpiece display.

Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review

I found plenty more fun stuff inside too with a black, purple and orange colour scheme. There were 8 items in the Fall 2021 Pusheen Box: sweatshirt, enamel pin set, LED candle, garland, glass cup, socks, beanie and vinyl figure. Below are my thoughts on the top 5 most interesting items and a summary of the rest.

Glass Cup

Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review

I love kitchenware and this is extremely cute, like a little punch bowl cup. I couldn’t wait to try it out, especially since it glows in the dark! The green glow is pretty bright in reality and looks extra spooky if you fill it with colourful fruit tea or juice.

Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review

Realistically, this is not a useful item as it’s already a small cup and then the inner part is even smaller for some reason. It could work with a teapot or punch bowl if you don’t mind refilling a lot but I’ll probably display it on my desk and use it for storing something.

LED Candle

Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review

LED lights are a nice way to add some cosy lighting accents, and I initially thought this was pretty cute but not overly exciting – until I got it working! The flame part is a bit of plastic that can move around and the flickering shadows it makes on the wall feels so cosy and realistic. We had it on for a while and were quite mesmerised! It also comes with a remote control so you can set the brightness, timer etc. It would have been nice if this was rechargeable, rather than using batteries, but at least it’s just 2 AA size.

Enamel Pin Set

Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review

I’ve not been buying many enamel pins lately but I do still love them so I was excited to see this set. While not as detailed or high quality as the Pusheen x ARTBOX pin series they’re very cute and a fun accessory for Halloween. I’m not sure whether the candy one has a flaw or if it’s supposed to look like that, as it kind of works either way.


Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review
Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review

This is a little bit lazy since we had pom pom string lights in the 2020 Winter Box but I don’t really care as I always need more Halloween decorations. The purple and orange is nicely spooky and doesn’t clash too much with the pastels so they look really cute together. I do wish there were a few different Boosheens though, instead of all the same.


Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review
Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review

It was difficult to pick just one of the apparel items as I really like them all, but we haven’t had socks for a while. The ‘Boo-ing my best’ design is so silly and they’re a cute light purple that works for a pastel goth type outfit. The ribbing at the ankle is much thicker than standard socks and keeps them up well so the design doesn’t get scrunched up. My other Pusheen socks are all trainer socks so it will be good to have a pair that keep my ankles warm too.

Final Thoughts

Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review

I honestly loved everything single item in this box and it has definitely made my mantelpiece much cuter for spooky season! Of the other items, the sweatshirt is very cosy and I’ve been wearing it a lot at home, and the beanie is very glittery and quite suits me.

Fall 2021 Pusheen Box review

I think this might be my favourite box so far, or at least a close runner up to the Botanical one. Personally I would use all these items all year round, but if you’re not big on Halloween, it might be annoying to have to pack all this away soon until next year. I’m a little bit disappointed that there wasn’t a Boosheen plush but I guess it would have been too expensive to make for a subscription box.

Pricing & International Fees

Pusheen Box sold out

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25-30) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. UK boxes are now shipped from a UK hub with Royal Mail labels so there’s no customs fees to pay.

Sadly the Fall 2021 Pusheen Box is already sold out but make sure to follow Pusheen Box on Instagram as they should be announcing the Winter theme soon.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are my own)

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