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DIY Kawaii Bag Charms

Posted on August 20, 2021 by

It’s already back to school season and even if you’re past that, making your bag look cute and unique never gets old! Nova already showed you how to make shrink plastic charms and here’s some more DIY ideas for kawaii bag charms.

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Shaker charms have been having a moment but DIY versions often involve resin. This simpler DIY Candy Wrapper Charm by Cutesy Shelf mostly uses stuff you probably already have lying around – plastic, washi tape and pre-made charms/cabochons. Shops like Happy Kawaii Supplies (US) have tons of cute little things to put inside.

kawaii resin molds

If you are into resin, Sophie & Toffee (US) have lots of super cute kits, moulds and supplies for resin crafts that could easily be turned into charms. How adorable is this Bunny Vending Machine shaker charm? SCK readers can get 10% off everything using our affiliate link.

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Or Miniature Sweet has a really fun Popsicle Bag Charm Tutorial that uses a real popsicle mould for life size pieces! You could have a lot of fun customising these, especially if you search up some fun shaped moulds.

DIY Kawaii Bag Charms

These DIY bag charms at Handmade Charlotte use plastic toys, beads and yarn for a really colourful look that anyone can try.

DIY pom pom Bag Charms

Pom poms are another easy craft – a pom pom maker is a big help for more complicated designs, but you can also use card templates or even a fork. These animal pom pom bag charms are a DIY from our book, The Super Cute Book of Kawaii, and a lot of the same techniques are used for my Pom Pom Snowman tutorial here on the blog.

DIY pom pom Bag Charms

Pom Maker sell my favourite wooden pom pom maker but also have lots of cute animal pom pom tutorials. You can download their free ebook or check out the videos.

kawaii animals felt sewing patterns

Felt is a great entry point for beginner sewists and felt sewing patterns can be customised really easily into a bag charm. There are tons of kawaii patterns to download on Etsy and The Felt Habit has a lovely selection of big-eyed animals. You get a whole themed set for a low price so can make some for friends too.

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Crochet is a bit trickier to learn but once you get the hang of it, there are lots of cute amigurumi patterns that you can turn into a charms. Hooked by Robin has a whole playlist of small nature-themed crochet charms including flowers, star, jellyfish and bumblebee.

DIY kanzashi Bag Charms

Origami won’t hold up to rainy days but you can try folding with fabric instead. That’s called kanzashi and Creative Kawaii have a very pretty Sakura Flower Bag Charm pattern to download. Or you can find other flowers on Youtube.

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