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Rainbowholic Shop & Patreon Review

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It’s no secret that we’re big Rainbowholic fans at SCK! I’ve been a patron and shopper for a few years now and recently received a big order. Since a lot has changed with Rainbowholic, it’s a good time to share an update – and show you the cute stuff I got!

Rainbowholic Shop & Patreon Rewards Review

I’ve generally been a Matcha level patron of Rainbowholic, which gets me updates, printables and shop access but no mailable rewards, except for occasional postcards. I’ve been planning to buy a few larger items from the shop and with the recent Japan Post shipping price rises, it made sense to wait for a monthly theme I liked so I could upgrade and have everything shipped together for a lower cost.

Rainbowholic Shop & Patreon Rewards Review

Here’s everything that was inside my rainbow box! The May 2021 package is the Kawaii Character tier reward which combines Japan Local Mascots and A Day At The Park themes. The washi tape I ordered from the secret Patreon shop and the rest from the main public Rainbowholic Shop. I only had to pay a tiny extra shipping cost to have everything sent together, by Fedex, which arrived in just a couple of days from Japan! There were no customs fees either.

Rainbowholic Shop & Patreon Rewards Review

Here’s all the cute Japanese mascots items. There’s a full sheet of Kumamon stickers, a roll of mo-ni washi tape and then a mix of memo sheets and origami paper featuring various mascots, and snacks too! Plus there’s more washi tape samples that you can peel off the front of the packaging. I recognise a lot of the characters and it’s nice to have lots of individual sheets, rather than having to choose just one character if I was buying a full memo pad.

Rainbowholic Shop & Patreon Rewards Review

The tier also includes Rainbowholic original design items and I love this picnic park theme. There’s 2 large (A5) sticker sheets on translucent washi paper, a postcard and a roll of washi tape, all with original art by staff member tazdaunicorn. You also get a decorated Japan Post seasonal postcard, Karel Capek tea bag and some souvenir stamps collected by Kaila. I really love this theme and the illustrations are so cute. I do wish the original postcard used a thicker card though so you could actually send it in the post. I also miss Kaila’s designs a bit, but Rainbowholic is more of a team effort now, and Kaila is still sharing plenty journaling and Japan content.

Rainbowholic Shop & Patreon Rewards Review

Overall, I think this is well worth the price (£34.50 + VAT including Fedex shipping), especially considering that also includes all the other Patreon content/benefits too. It’s not something I can afford every month but certainly worth looking out for a theme I love once or twice a year so I can stock up on other items too.

Rainbowholic Shop & Patreon Rewards Review

I also picked up more original Rainbowholic products – 2 washi tape designs from previous months and their new Rainbowchan mascot pin. While I got these from the secret Patreon shop, they’re all available in the public shop too, along with other previous rewards. The secret shop gets these items first though, plus a lot of limited and pre-loved items, so it’s always worth checking out the monthly update.

Rainbowholic Shop & Patreon Rewards Review

And finally my favourite item! I have been eyeing up all the bunny-themed Karel Capek tea products in the main shop for a while now and had to have this glass tea brewing jug. I’m so happy with it! It’s perfect for making 2 cups of infused tea and fits perfectly in my fridge. I was previously using a bottle but it was too much to drink in one day so this feels less wasteful. These are mostly sold out but may be restocked.

Rainbowholic Shop & Patreon Rewards Review

This pancake tea is also sold out but I hope it will be back next Easter as it is so good. I haven’t been a big fan of the tea flavours I’ve received in the past but this was so nice with a lovely smell of maple syrup and butter. I sent one each to my mum and sister so we could try it together on FaceTime and that was really fun.

Rainbowholic Patreon

If you’d like some Rainbowholic goodies, you can join the Patreon from $1 to get access to exclusive posts and the secret shop, or shop for original designs, Japanese stationery and Karel Capek tea at the new Rainbowholic Shop. Both shops are updated once a month and you can see previews on Instagram. The next Patreon theme is Japanese Desserts & Snacks and the Kawaii Character theme is Studio Ghibli. Here’s the preview post – sign up before the end of July to get the rewards.

Full disclosure: this is not a sponsored review but I have previously worked with Kaila and she was also my patron before I closed my Patreon recently.

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