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Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review

Posted on May 24, 2021 by

Here’s our review of the Spring Pusheen Box! It had a rainy day theme with soft watercolour art and items for a rainy weekend indoors and outdoors. Let’s have a look at what was inside. 

Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review

This box was delayed again due to the pandemic but once it shipped it arrived quickly (and there were no customs fees – more on that at the end). The box design had a cool water-splashed look with stormy green grey colours. The vinyl figure was also very cute with Pusheen holding a transparent umbrella.

Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review

Since I live in one of the rainiest parts of the UK, this box should be perfect for me and seeing all these fresh colours made me happy! There were 9 items in the Spring 2021 Pusheen Box: umbrella, rain coat, candle holder, floor mat, tissue box cover, mirror, bookmarks, hat and vinyl figure. Below are my thoughts on the top 5 most interesting items and a summary of the rest.

Rain Coat

Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review
Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review

This was the biggest item in the box and something a lot of people were excited about. It’s a full length transparent rain coat with an all over print of Pusheen. I really love the splashy watercolour style and the colours are also very different to the usual Pusheen pastels. The rain coat has a lot of nice features including poppers to make the sleeves smaller, drawstring hood and POCKETS. However, as much as I like this, I can’t imagine when or where I would ever wear it. It would be fun for a festival or camping but not so great for cold windy Scotland.


Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review
Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review

The umbrella matches the rain coat with clear plastic and watercolour Pusheens. I do love a clear umbrella and this is a good size with a wrist strap/hanging loop and cover. I took it out for a test run on a rainy day and liked it a lot – it’s big but not too heavy, easy enough to put up and take down – and looks super cute of course! I did find it a bit tricky to get it folded back up enough to fit into the cover but I’m definitely going to keep using it.

Candle Holder

Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review

If you don’t want to to go outside there’s some items for your home too. This metal candle holder is a really cute idea – it looked a little flimsy but is actually quite sturdy and holds a candle tin no problem. Even if you’re not a fan of candles, this would work just as well to hold keys or trinkets.


Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review

The best thing to do on a rainy day is cosy up with a good book and these little bookmarks will come in handy. They’re printed plastic with tabs to stay on the page and then part of the design peeks out of the top. Both designs are very pretty and will make your bookstagram photos much cuter. They’d also be perfect for showing off journaling spreads.

Floor Mat

Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review

This was a very unexpected item but fits both sides of the theme – making your home cute and somewhere to leave your wet shoes. It was rolled up pretty tightly (and smelled awful, as new rugs do!) but leaving it under something heavy for a few days mostly fixed both. It’s another good quality item with a rubber backing to stop it moving around, and a muted design reminding you to take it easy. I already have a cute doormat but I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to put this. (Forgive my grubby slippers – my vacuum cleaner decided to throw piles of dust all over me!)

Final Thoughts

Spring 2021 Pusheen Box Review

Of the other items, my favourite is the hat as I love that it matches the Camp Pusheen t-shirt from last summer. It’s a little bit too big for me but I can make it work. The tissue cover isn’t really something to get excited about but I do need one! The last item was a pocket mirror, which is cute enough but doesn’t really fit the theme and is quite big and heavy for carrying around.

Overall, this was a fun box with lots of useful items to wear and display in your home. I’ll definitely be using the umbrella, candle holder, bookmarks, floor rug, tissue box cover and hat, which is probably a record so far?

Pricing & International Fees

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25-30) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. For this box, they seem to have used a middleman, so boxes were shipped in bulk to the UK and then normal Royal Mail labels added for the UK delivery. That means no customs fees! It seems likely this will continue so if you’re a UK fan thinking of subscribing, it’s a great time to try it.

Summer 2021 Pusheen Box

Since the Spring box was delayed, sales are open for the Summer 2021 Pusheen Box now (shipping in late July) with an ice cream theme! Make sure to follow Pusheen Box on Instagram as they should be sharing a few spoilers soon.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are my own)

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