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More Kawaii Art Prints & Wall Art

Posted on May 11, 2021 by

There’s a big wall art sale at Society6 today, with up to 40% off prints, tapestries & posters, so it seemed like a good reason to share some more kawaii art. Most of the artwork is also available on other products like mugs, pillows and phone cases – and you can follow the artists to see more of their work.

Kawaii Art Prints on Society6

Let’s start with some of Society6’s curated collections. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the US and there’s a collection to help you Discover AAPI Artists on the site. Camille Chew has a lovely collection of cute witchy fairytale art that feels both classic and modern. Society6 shop / Instagram

Kawaii Art Prints on Society6

There’s also a collection to Discover Black Artists and that’s where I found Coilyandcute, a childrens’ book illustrator who has almost 400 designs available promoting a love of natural hair. Society6 shop / Instagram

Kawaii Art Prints on Society6

Selling fan art is a bit of a grey area but Society6 & Disney invited artists in the community to create this collection of Star Wars art (ships only to certain countries). As you’d expect, there’s lots of Baby Yoda including this cute portrait by Maia Faddoul Art.

Kawaii Art Prints on Society6

pikaole is a must-follow for nature fans as even the weirdest and tiniest creatures become super kawaii. If you like sea creatures, reptiles, birds, dinosaurs or insects, you’re sure to find a favourite. Society6 shop / Instagram

Kawaii Art Prints on Society6

I’m a big fan of the space patterns created by Carly Watts and have one on my phone but there’s also lots of floral and animal designs. Bunnies and strawberries is always a good combination for me! Society6 shop / Instagram

Kawaii Art Prints on Society6

ilovedoodle is such a prolific artist with a stream of new artwork and over 500 designs to try and choose from. The new cats and plants series is so fun, especially these Cattus. Society6 shop / Instagram

Kawaii Art Prints on Society6

And more cats! Reg Silva is from the Philippines and has some very colourful and positive art that would cheer up anyone’s home. Society6 shop / Instagram

The main Society6 site is based in the US and ships worldwide. There’s also a German site with some items printed locally. There are regular sales and discounts so keep checking the site if you missed this one.

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