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#amigurumay is an annual Instagram challenge, for crocheters, held in May. In 2021 it’s back for its third year, with new prompts for each day. It is definitely worth checking out the hashtag, whether you crochet or not. I’ve compiled some of the cutest posts for you!

Cute Crochet Artists - airali_gray

First up, from @airali_gray, aka the creator of #amigurumay herself, is this mushroom sprite for the ‘fantasy’ prompt. This kawaii little critter was originally created for the Amigurumi School Of Magic 2, a Halloween crochet along.

Cute Crochet Artists - ohanacraft

@ohanacraft is one of my favourite instagrammers, and I do love the creepy cuteness of her ‘Donut Meow’ for the ‘inspirational’ prompt.

Cute Crochet Artists - toft_uk

Another one of my favourites is @toft_uk, known for their menagerie of animals. Kerry’s ‘something green’ post features a dandelion from the new ‘cro your own’ range, which is a collection of flower monster crochet kits.

Cute Crochet Artists - lemonyarncreations

@lemonyarncreations is super inspiring with her cute creatures, my favourite pattern of hers is the rosy maple moth which was recently released on Patreon. Andreia’s ‘hooks’ post features the super kawaii ‘Blue Bell’, a little bunny with a flower crown.

Cute Crochet Artists - pinktomatocrochet

If teddy bears appeal to you, you’ll love @pinktomatocrochet. For the ‘inspirational’ prompt, Josephine has posted a photo of her incredibly cute teddy, alongside an elephant and a bunny.

Cute Crochet Artists - fantasysprites

Magical and colourful are just two words to describe the work of @fantasysprites. I made Lianne’s Persephone, from her ‘Greek Mythology’ pattern pack for a friend and it’s gorgeous! The ‘animals or dolls’ prompt made way for a photo of a whole horde of her fantasy dolls.

Cute Crochet Artists - amourfou_crochet

@amourfou_crochet makes some incredible dolls, the best ones are inspired by historical icons. Carla even has a book called ‘Crochet Iconic Women’ which has patterns for fifteen world changing women. The ‘summer’ prompt features an adorable little doll, ready for the seaside.

@curiouspapaya is the master of quirky cute, from grumpy ducks to emotional boba. ‘photography’ showcases said grumpy duck and an array of helpful tips for photographing your own creations.

Amigurumay 2021

I hope this post helps inspire your own kawaii crochet, or at least makes you smile. Now you know what #amigurumay is, perhaps you can join in for the rest of the month!

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