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Posted on April 23, 2021 by

Whether you’re starting your own little business or just like supporting kawaii artists, it can be so fun to see behind the scenes. These kawaii illustrators, makers and creatives all share regular studio vlogs that will let you see how – and where – the magic happens!

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I discovered some new-to-me channels while researching this post so let’s start with those. Bunniwinkle is mainly a polymer clay artist who makes the most delightful animal charms. Seeing these rows of clay pieces get more and more tiny details is so cool to watch. Youtube / Instagram / Shop

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I am fascinated by the ceramics process and love these super cute animal planters that Amii Ceramics makes. The vlogs cover various parts of running a handmade business including making, packing and designing. Youtube / Instagram / Shop

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To make a living as a kawaii creative, you often have to try many things, and Kawaii Art Cafe has so much going on! There’s sure to be a video for you, whether you want to know more about selling on Etsy, running a Patreon, prepping for a convention or designing, packing and shipping orders. Youtube / Instagram / Shop

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If you’re thinking of opening a shop, Chelsey DIY‘s videos are very relatable and cover all the ups and downs. There’s everything from designing a new product to launching a Kickstarter. Youtube / Instagram / Shop

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Katnipp has a big studio, 2 businesses to run and lots of other stuff going on but still finds time to share fun and helpful vlogs of the design & manufacturing process, business plans and day to day tasks. Youtube / Instagram / Shop

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Even if you don’t have any personal interest in running a business, LOVESOUP shares very relaxing studio vlogs from Japan that feel like hanging out with a friend. Youtube / Instagram / Shop

Hope you’ll find someone new to follow. Which other studio vlogs do you enjoy watching?

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