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Momiji – Kawaii Dolls with a Secret

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Momiji is a UK-based company that creates sweet, collectible doll figurines. Momiji (pronounced mo-mee-jee) means “autumn leaves” in Japanese and the dolls they create are as adorable as their name. Intrigued? Then let’s explore!

momiji dolls

Momiji collaborates with designers from around the world (although my personal favorite is Helena Stamulak), resulting in a wide variety of styles and themes. Each kawaii doll has a tiny card in a secret compartment in the base where you can keep a hidden message of love, a birthday wish or even an inside joke. You can find most releases on Momiji’s website and blind boxes at Pop Mart, both of which ship to most countries worldwide.

momiji dolls

One of Momiji’s most recent collections is Little Warriors and I am in love. Each doll has a name promoting positivity, like Courageous You, Super You, and my favorite Fabulous You. Fabulous You reminds me of She-Ra and I love her one shoulder cape. These dolls would be a perfect gift for anyone who needs an adorable reminder of how wonderful they are.

momiji dolls

If you are a fan of blind boxes, there is a new blind box series called Momiji Perfect Partners. Each box contains one half of a special duo like Bumble and Honey (bee and hive), Dazzle and Smile (toothpaste and toothbrush), and even a sweet chaser Scribble and Penelope (ink bottle and pen). Perhaps one for you and one for your bestie?

momiji blind boxes

With summer coming up, consider the Explore Momiji blind box series. There’s a doll for every type of outdoor adventure, from the sea (Talluhla the octopus) to space (Lara the astronaut) to the forest (Bunnie the rabbit) to the snow (Nora the yeti). I collect squirrels and would love to add Nutty to a shelf in my kitchen. Besides the fun of a surprise, blind boxes have the added bonus of being about half the price of the other Momiji dolls.

momiji dolls

For a specific holiday or special occasion, Momiji features several dolls that make the perfect gift, such as Birthday Girl and Thank You. I am about to order Lucky for my special little bug.

kawaii paper doll printable

Continue the Momiji fun with free crafts and coloring pages on the Momiji blog. The paper doll is so kawaii!

What will you write inside your Momiji?

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